Luxurious, high quality and exceptional craftsmanship are just a few of the things that jump to mind when thinking about Capitana and the qualities it stands for.  That is to say, Capitana creates the most beautiful luxury handmade scarves and accessories right on our doorstep.  Italian shopping in Frankfurt was never so simple!

Using only the finest Italian silks Natalie hand makes each individual piece herself.  With a background in tailoring and an eye for detail she mixes and matches textures and colours creating in essence  ‘Modern patchwork’ luxury handmade scarves.  Stand out, one of a kind, pieces that can elevate any outfit to the next level.  Undoubtedly, for each of her collections Natalie leaves nothing to chance, frequently travelling to Italy to hand pick the fabrics from the Italian weavers themselves.

Meeting Natalie herself the picture is completed as she oozes effortless style and elegance cementing the ideas and values that her brand stands for.

Finally, anyone who knows Kelly knows she love, love, loves an accessory, especially a beautifully designed accessory.  So, naturally you’d expect Kelly to have one of these beautiful pieces in her wardrobe and naturally you’d be correct.

Good to know:

  1. her pieces pair beautifully with Coco Lores, another local Frankfurt brand
  2. for the perfect leather handbag accessory checkout Angela Miklas another fantastic local designer
  3. all the luxury handmade scarves and accessories are created by Natalie herself
  4. checkout her website directly for all pricing details
  5. Luxury shopping in Frankfurt

Nathali Mack
Am Burghof 18
60437 Frankfurtam Main

Additional Info:   website | instagram | facebook