Style Definerys founder and owner, Anja Murjahn, is a journalist by trade but a fashionista by soul!  However, more than a fashionista she is conscious consumer and adamant that we should all be doing our bit for the environment.  It is the coming together of luxury and sustainability that saw the beginning of Style Definery.  Namely a beautiful showroom and online store that deals in luxury second hand clothing (preloved) and also some vintage pieces.  So if you looking to save the planet one luxury second hand clothing piece at a time head over to Westend and visit their gorgeous showroom!

What can you expect to find at Style Definery?

In short, you can expect to find many of the worlds leading luxury brands Chanel, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Hermes to name but a few.  However, in our opinion the most important thing you will find, is a very curated selection of clothing!  Meaning, nothing you find is there by accident.  Each piece must not only meet the very high quality standards but must also fit with the overall look and feel of the Style Definery brand.

The Story behind Style Definery

Globe trotting is something Murjahn has a little experience with.  And it was her time spent studying abroad in the US together with visits to New York that really peaked her fascination with American fashion.  Moreover, she was drawn to the way New York presented fashion.  An eclectic mixture of high fashion and low fashion, and how it seamlessly fitted together.

Next she discovered The Real Real.  An American marketplace who sells authenticated luxury consignments.  All over the world the importance of second hand clothing has been recognised, however, Germany is still a little ‘shy’ to fully embrace it.  Murjahns goal is to help shift perceptions.  By of course illustrating the sustainability aspect of second hand clothing!  But also by showcasing to people that when done correctly, second hand clothing is the best of both worlds, namely shopping and ‘doing your bit’.  And finally getting people to understand that second hand clothing is neither smelly nor for the underprivileged or trawling through boxes of discarded clothing on the sidewalk.  So with the fashion industry coming in at a whopping number 4 on the biggest polluters on the planet we would all do well to listen!!

Want to be a consignor?

Style Definery welcomes anyone who would like to try their hand in the preloved world.  And in a few easy steps your ‘trash’ may become someone else’s treasure!

Step 1

Schedule an appointment to bring in all the items you are hoping to sell.  Subsequently Style Definery will make a selection of pieces that best fit with store.

Step 2

The Style Definery team get busy with research, making price comparisons, authenticity checks and verifying collection details. Furthermore, the team discerns how rare or widely available a particular piece is.

Step 3

After all the research and price comparisons are done, the team will contact you with a recommended price.  If both parties agree the piece ready  to be photographed and head onto the showroom floor.

Whilst it’s not an absolute guarantee, from selection to showroom of the Luxury Second Hand clothing the process often takes around 2 weeks.


Liebigstraße 23
60323 Frankfurt am Main


Thursday and Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm

Additional Info:      Style Definery website | instagram | facebook