Undoubtedly parents know finding a babysitter is so much more than finding an individual who has the time to watch your kids!  In addition to having heard plenty of stories involving epic babysitting fails I’ve had a few myself!  And whilst many are funny in hindsight, at the time it’s down right tear your hair out!  Having said that Main Babysitter helps making finding a babysitter in Frankfurt easy!  Also, their unique billing and payment system makes settling the bill a breeze!  And last but certainly not least, Rina is an absolute delight to meet!

The Story

Main Babysitter was foundered by Kathanna (Rina) Droop in 2018!  Inspired by years spent babysitting herself she wanted to not only make life easier for parents but for the babysitters too!  Admittedly we are often focused on the safety our little humans (and rightly so), however, this often leaves a glaring oversight for the babysitters themselves!  With this in mind, Rina ‘interviews’ parents as well as the babysitters.  As a result, enhancing safety for both families and babysitters and hopefully creating a foundation for lasting and successful relationships.

Other fun facts about Rina.  She’s a dog owner, law student, pasta and sushi lover, born (and raised a little) in Cleveland, Ohio.  And finally Main Babysitter logo is named after her favourite nanny Frances from Ireland!

What do do they offer?

Important to note, they offer a babysitting services and not a nanny service.  Having said that, they provide babysitting options for:

  1. regular childcare
  2. single bookings
  3. in emergencies and/or on short notice
  4. for events ie birthdays, weddings, company parties
  5. organisation for childrens parties and event childcare

Now that you have a sitter?

So, not that you have a babysitter, what do you do with all that free time??  Admittedly, free time may be a pipe dream but making time for yourself, your partner and your friends shouldn’t be!  So, check out some of our favourite restaurants, coffee shops or why not treat yourself to a staycation

Habsburgerallee 30
60385 Frankfurt am Main

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