Eating out at some of the best restaurants in Frankfurt!  Undoubtedly something we are all drooling to get on with and do!   Also, something that I doubt any of us will take for granted ever again after the ravaging of COVID-19.

So for anyone who needs a little inspiration or a refresher of what Frankfurts Restaurants have on offer we lay it out for you!!


Walk up to Moriki and you find two giant stone lions guarding the door and the Deutsche Bank towers rise up above you like giant mirrors.  In addition to this, interiors are understated but no less impressive.  Lunch times are often packed as bankers and business colleagues hash over whatever needs hashing whilst indulging in sublimely fresh sushi and other Japanese dishes!

Finally, Ruinart is the ‘by the glass’ choice of champagne!  So, regardless of the time of day there is always occasion for a glass of bubbles even if only the one glass!

With a slightly misleading name as they serve neither burgers nor street food in a traditional sense.  Without a doubt though, they are a small space that make a big statement!  The sushi passing across from the kitchen is sublime and the restaurant does a phenomenal job with the traditional and fusion mix.  Undoubtedly too, their sushi platters are taken to the next level as puffs of liquid nitrogen magnify the wow factor exponentially!  Admittedly, lunch time can be busy and crowed so get there early!

Shisan is family run and incredibly welcoming!  As well as that they have a fairly extensive menu and chef who is always open to special requests!


Friday night is pizza night in our house and when we not making it at home, cosy Friday nights at Papanova’s is one of our go tos!  Relaxed and very family friend means parents get a chance to go out without leaving the kids at home!

Super Bro’s serve SUPER PIZZA 😜. No no, in all seriousness this guys absolutely know what they are doing!!  Without a doubt serving up the best authentic Napoli style pizzas this side of Napoli!  Now, making pizza is one thing making exceptional pizza is quite another!

So how do they do it?  For one thing, the dough is the foundation that everything rests on! With this in mind it is allowed to ferment for 24 to 48 hours. After that, the best fresh ingredients.  And finally it’s up to the oven! Stefano Ferrara is where it’s at, it’s heated to almost 500 degrees, and the pizza is ready in just 60 to 90 seconds.

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning, the decor is on point!


If old fashioned love stories and glorious views of the the Frankfurt skyline along with great food are your thing then a stop at Gerbermühle are a must!  Said to be the site where fabled German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe met his Marianne and gave her his heart.  Set along the south side of the main river it offers a different view of the skyline that you might be used to.

Along with the history and skyline they offer both casual and formal dining options!

Beer Garden

The beergarden is the perfect ‘pit stop’ for those taking a stroll or a cycle along the river main.  Indulge yourself in Frankfurt classics like ‘Appelwoi’ and ‚Handkäs‘ before continuing on your journey or simply don’t.


In case a more formal setting and menu is what you after, the Gerbermühle restaurant and terrace is where it’s at.  Jörg Ludwig and his team will delight you with sensational creations mixing traditional values with modern taste.  Also, popular German and Frankfurt specialities will be found on the menus

Private Dining

There is something for everyone at Gerbermühle including a private dining experience for those wanting the ultimate intimate setting.


If you looking for a little atmosphere and a great steak on a Friday night VAIVAI is where it’s at!

Of course they serve great steak any day of the week but Friday’s tend to be particularly festive (booking is advisable!) – get there a little early and enjoy a drink at the bar!

The staff are superb and incredibly friendly with great recommendations, the cocktails aren’t half bad either (the pornstar martini heavenly in fact!)

In their own words.  “Steaks and fish from the grill, antipasti, pasta and a fine selection of wines in a modern ambience with urban-industrial decor, lounge area for groups, meetings, celebrations, events, kick-offs, trade fairs, event locations, bar and DJ.”

Just off Kaiserhofstraße down a side alley you find Buffalo, an Argentinian Steak house!  Now this, is what we call a steak house! Where your knife almost slices through like butter, it’s perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection!  Also, unless you order sides you get only a steak on your plate! LOVE!!  They truly know their business and how to hero their key ingredient…the beef!

Service is wonderfully quick (thank goodness as we had two little terrors in tow!). Also, if you want to avoid disappointment booking is essential! We went on a Saturday at lunch and there was not a table to be had!

One final note, they do a great value kids meal of steak and chips


Why not just combine a park with a restaurant?  This was the beginning and the inspiration for what we now know as Jamy’s Burgers!  Of course, a burger is only as good as it’s ingredients and thus the quality of meat, vegetables and the all important bread is fundamental to the burger that gets placed in front of you!  So expect, fresh from the market daily, free of additives and seasonal and made onsite daily!  Furthermore, the Angus beef comes exclusively from the Landmetzgerei Mehl.

Importantly too for anyone with vegans in their party Jamy’s has options.  Not only the fries (Classic Fries or Sweet Potato Fries) but they also have a falafel guacamole burger.

No mess no fuss and they have a fantastic kids option!  Quality meat and homemade sauces are two attributes that they pride themselves on!  Also, they have two premises one on Oeder Weg which is the perfect spot for a burger before or after a movie and one in Bahnhofsviertel.  Minimalistic decor and friendly staff round off der Fette Bulle experience.

American BBQ

Nothing screams red, white and blue cuisine quite like American BBQ!  Namely, meat slathered in spices and slow cooked over a log fire! With American BBQ on offer, expect nothing less than relaxed Southern Charm.  Animal clad waiters cruise around the room serving trays laden with meat so tender it can’t help but fall from the bone.  To complete the look and feel drinks are served in chilled marbelesque beer mugs.

Also, do yourself a favour and stop by for the Chicago Williams boozy brunch.


We love Contradictions!  We also love the fact that life is so full of them!  Take for example Stanley Diamond, the latest addition to the Ardinast brothers repertoire, fine dining in Bahnhofsviertel.  Ten years ago these two words wouldn’t have found themselves in the same sentence let alone been on offer.  Like its sister restaurant Maxie Eisen, Stanley Diamond gets its name from a Jewish American Mobster, ‘street cred’ right there and we love it!

European cuisine with a focus on regional nuances, think beef with grüne soße or lamb cutlets with asparagus and apricots.  Grüne soße and asparagus are two local favourites.  Also, Stanley Diamond prides itself on using the freshest ingredients sourced mainly from local producers and keeping their supply chain as short as possible.  As a result, the quality of the final dish arriving on your table is superb!

Finally, Stanley Diamond offers both à la carte and a 6, 7 or 8 course tasting menu. The tasting menu gives guests the opportunity to go on a culinary journey whilst allowing the Stanley Diamond team to showcase the full extent of their skills.

Atop the new old Henninger Turm sits the spectacular panoramic view restaurant FranziskaWith floor to ceiling windows it is hard not be hypnotised by the twinkling lights that head out far into the distance.

Defining themselves as serving ’Progressive German Vintage Cuisine’ inspired by the recipes of the great-aunt of Christian Mook, founder of the Mook Group.  These inspired dishes come to life in their incredible show kitchen and you welcome to watch if you can pull your eyes away from the view.

Barrel Bar

Without a doubt you bound to be impressed by the bar team and their creations!  And with centrifuges, dehydrators, sous-vide cookers, liquid nitrogen and special maceration processes to produce their own aromatic foams, syrups, dried fruit and flavour infusions in the specially equipped bar laboratory it should come as no surprise!


In the Innerstadt, a stones throw away from Goetheplatz lies Madame Mei where they serve Cantonese food at its best.

The name Madame Mei literally conjures up images in my mind of a bygone era of prohibition & mystery! And, my imagination continues to be indulged as we pull back a heavy set of red curtains to enter a ‘little space in Shanghai’, as we walk in glorious aromas assault my senses and I am instantly starving!

The decor is tastefully done adding to the feel and ambience of the restaurant, whilst we were here only for lunch I can imagine this being wonderful for an intimate dinner!

Starting with Wanton soup was the perfect way to warm up after coming in from the cold, we followed this up with a variety of dim sum which were fresh and flavour filled, the spices coming through beautifully in each mouthful! We washed it all down with a cup of their Oolong tea….yum (and as an added bonus our waiter happily topped up our tea cups for round 2)

Sonamu “Casual Korean Dining”

Wood clad from floor to ceiling with pops of red punctuating the space in the form of chairs and napkins!  Often describe by some to not be authentic enough the owners are as authentic as they come. The menu includes classic Korean dishes such as bulgogi and bibimbab in various variations

The name “Thong” means “gold” so there is no guessing why they went with this for their name.  An institution in  Frankfurt, for fifteen years Thong Thai has been delivering fresh Thai food!

Along with the speed of preparation you can be delighted with the live cooking i.e. the opportunity to watch the food being prepared.

Finally they have 4 properties to choose from so you bound to find one near you!


EatDOORI on Kaiserstraße, an ode to probably one of my favourite cities in India, Mumbai!

Undoubtedly one of the most chaotic places I’ve been in my life (Mumbai that is) and yet simultaneously comforting.  The original EatDOORI on Kaiserstraße seeks to recreate the hustle and bustle of this incredible city and in our opinion, Bahnhofsviertel couldn’t be more fitting!

On the other hand escape to the beaches of Goa and whilst you are still to find wandering cattle and little “hustle and bustle”, gears have definitely shifted to coasting!  EatDoori on Oeder Weg embodies this laid back vibe whilst still serving up their signature modern Indian cuisine!

Dal is an absolute staple in India, so if you not sure where to start definitely start there!  Also, chicken wings immediately transported me back to the streets of Mumbai (ok ok not the streets because I wasn’t brave to eat those anywhere but in a restaurant there!)


Yaldy the brain child of Michele Heinrich and Andrei Lipan.  Overall their focus is on quality seasonal and local ingredients.  So, expect an ever changing menu which is always fresh and exciting.  In addition to the flare they add to their dishes  is the passion that they incorporate into the wine selection.  Andrei is the wine connoisseur and he is always to hand in ensure that you choose the right wine to accompany your meal.

Now if you still need convincing as to whether you should visit they have a final string to add to their bow, COCKTAILS.  Long before the dream of Yaldy began Michele was making a name for himself in the mixology world as a well know face in the renowned Kinley Bar team.  During the pandemic they also took to creating a new brand and concept, Ciccione, which was focussed on authentic Italian pizza…stay tuned!

Ask the two what Yaldy is about and they quoted as saying “It should be a bar for everyone,”!


PASSION!  Undoubtedly this is what drives through everything you find at La Cevi!  Without a doubt they also have one of the most unique stories to go along with it.

As the story goes… owner Daniel Nawenstein waved goodbye to South America after spending a year there to find his culinary way around Peru and little did he know it would change the course of his life. Firstly he’d fallen in love with ceviche and secondly with a woman named Heidi. Three years later they were married and had the idea to bring Peruvian cuisine to Germany. As fate would have they met a chef by the name of Diego on a trip to Lima, from there, the three of them have created a Peruvian haven right in the middle of Frankfurt. So for an incredible experience and a taste of Peru we definitely recommend this little beauty.


Undoubtedly a bit of a Mexican institution here in Frankfurt.  Unbelievably they have delighting their customers since 1983!!

Colour and flair are two things El Pacifico has no shortage of!!  Also portions are big so definitely go with armed with your appetite!

For all those tequila lovers out there, their menu is extensive allowing you to indulge all the the agave plant has to offer!  And of course what’s Mexican without a good Margherita!!