Noord is a concept store located on Friedberger Landstrasse in Nordend.  The idea of the concept store dates back much further than we realised, 1955 to be exact.  And in fact, it, along with the miniskirt owe their existence to Mary Quant British Designer and fashion icon.  The term ‘concept store’ however, wasn’t coined until many years later!  Now whilst the idea of the concept store seems relatively simple, implementing it and getting it right are another matter entirely!  Anyway we digress!

The Story

Meike Fiedler-Herrmann a former advertising account manager founded Noord back in 2014.  However, her journey of leaving the corporate world behind her to try her hand running her own business and store had began a few years before that.   She opened her first store in 2009, after which she refined her concept and created Noord in 2014.  Since then Noord has stood proudly on Friedberger Landstrasse inspiring anyone who enters it’s doors.

The “Noord” Vibe

Maike has a carefully curated range of Scandinavian inspired products ranging from interior design to Gin and fine foods.  Of course, her store also looks to stock small local brands the likes of which include frisch Beutel, Quarantini Gin and Combo Coral.  Along with the eclectic mix of products is the warmness that Maike extends to all those who walk through her door and visit her store.  And it is this incredible combination and authenticity that drives her loyal customer base.  Continually stopping by to be surprised, inspired and greeted with a smile.

Friedberger Landstr. 119
60318 Frankfurt am Main

Tuesday – Friday, 10:30am – 7pm
Saturday, 10:30am – 4pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook