Notabag, a brand with a focus on innovation and something close to our hearts, sustainability!

The Notabag Story

As Benjamin Franklin said ‘Out of adversity comes opportunity’.  A statement that perhaps rings true with Notabag founder Adnan Alicusic.  The story goes that he was cycling home one day, a plethora of grocery bags precariously handing from his handle bars, when he narrowly avoided an accident.  A story none to familiar to many, he set about finding a solution. Subsequently, he together with Ilaria Gregianin brought the original tote bag-backpack hybrid to the market.

Their Philosophy

Somewhat ahead of the curve, Notabag’s beginnings were long before the ‘carry your own reusable grocery bags with you’ was a thing.  And, still today we have yet to come across one that is a multipurpose as this one.  Often times, your reusable grocery bags looks just like that, REUSED and A GROCERY BAG.

Along with making eco-conscious choices all along the supply chain they also choose to collaborate with small factories who implement good working conditions for staff.


In addition to their the eco-conscious and sustainability commitments they also have a passion for innovation!  Not ones to sit back on their laurels they continue to push forward with new products and new ideas!  A particularly fantastic product is their duffel bag!  Without a doubt one of the best solutions to the ‘yogi with a mat’ debacle!  Honestly, many yoga bags out there today still appear to believe we all live in the Himalayas and require nothing but a mat when leaving the house!  To clarify, often without even so much as a tiny pouch for your keys!

Good to know

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