Relocation and moving is never easy, and it’s certainly never stress-free!  Also, it definitely helps to have someone helping you who not only understands the logistics but has literally ‘been there, done that!’

About Get In Expat

Karla Fernandez Wessel and Tariq Boumahdi founded Move-In back in 2020.  Between the two of them, their moving escapades have taken them to Chile, Mexico, USA, Morocco, France and Germany.  They understand the nuances that moving brings! Without a doubt, things like cultural differences and language barriers are barriers they have had to overcome before.

Digital Tools for Relocation in Germany

One of the unique things Get In Expat offers is its digital tools.  No more nightmares trying to figure out what is required when applying for kindergeld or how to register when you first arrive.  Moreover, you can get it done online within a couple of minutes for a small fee.

Relocation Packages and Services

Get In Expat currently offers two packages, All Inclusive and Junior.  For example, their relocation services help with things like finding a house, health insurance and many many other things.  To demonstrate and give you a better idea of the process they implement to help you with your relocation, see the diagram below.  Also worth noting, they offer their services in English, Spanish and French.

Relocation Services with a conscience

What we absolutely love most about Get In Expat relocation services is their heart!  Along with wanting to offer you the best service they possibly can, they are also very aware of their social impact and want to help those who really need it.  With this in mind, they donate 5% of their sales to associations and charities involved in education.  Giving back to communities that need it helping children to have a brighter future.

Frankfurt am Main

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