SLEEP!  Is only a problem when you not getting any!  And once upon a time when you weren’t getting any that was that!  Thankfully now days you have options!  Namely sleep coaching!  And we have just the coach for you, Jane the sleep coach.

What is Sleep Coaching or a Paediatric Sleep Coach?

In essence, a pediatric sleep coach is a professional who specialises in helping parents and children with sleep-related issues. They provide guidance, strategies, and support to establish healthy sleep routines for infants, toddlers, and children. These coaches can assist with problems like bedtime resistance, night waking, and other sleep disturbances to promote better sleep for both the child and their parents.

Also worth emphasising is the word “coach”.  Unlike a night nanny, night nurse or babysitter your coach does not do the work for you. Meaning they do not come into your home pick up your infant and leave you to sleep.  Instead, this is a long-term strategy equipping you with all the tools to deal with any sleep challenges that arise at any point.

Who is Jane the Sleep Coach

She is your SALVATION!  And more to the point, Jane is a qualified paediatric Sleep Coach.

Originally from England, she now lives in Bad Soden with her husband and four children.  Previous to Germany she lived in Dubai and Switzerland.  Meaning she is no stranger to schedule disruption or children who won’t sleep.

As well as being the mum of four children, Jane has been working with kids to some degree or another since the age of 14!  After finishing school she went on to be a kindergarten teacher for many years.  As a result, she gained invaluable knowledge and insight into families while living in various parts of the world.

How and where does Jane work?

 As with everything in life,  there is no magic pill or a one size fits all when it comes to creating consistent sleep routines or patterns.  Therefore, Jane’s goal is to create a personalised sleep plan that fits with you and your family’s needs.  Importantly, her calm, non-judgmental, and empathetic approach ensures that you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Jane will equip you with sleep training skills that you can use for a lifetime.  Finally, be aware if you do choose to go the sleep coach route it requires commitment and consistency.

What is more, the consultations and communication are done remotely.  In an effort to give you the best chance of fitting it into your schedule.  Also, it allows Jane to be at your disposal when you need her most.

Parents to be and New Parents

Why wait until sleep becomes a problem?  Also, there is no need to begin your parent journey under the impression that you will never sleep again!  Unlike parents of years gone by you have the opportunity to be proactive in the formative days, months and years of your child’s sleep journey.  For example, Jane offers a fantastic once-off consultation that gives you a great foundation for creating good sleep routines and patterns.

Good to know

  • Before considering sleep coaching ensure your calendar is fairly quiet and that you have no major travel plans
  • Consistency and commitment are essential to a successful outcome
  • All consultations and communication are done remotely
  • Sleep coaching is recommended from 4 months of age

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