So you’re stuck at home… with the kids and your husband and all your pets. Fun times!!!! Yay!!!! But actually it can be fun. The coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly, but we also all have to keep on living and keep our cool for ourselves and our families. Let’s take this horrible situation and turn it into a fun one. Here are some suggestions for the boredom that may occur while hibernating at home.

10 great ideas for you and the kids:

  1. Netflix and Chill – there are so many amazing series out there at the moment. Why not use this time to binge!
  2. Board games – maybe it’s time to dust off all those old board games and get competitive with the fam. Nothing like a barrel of laughs! I highly recommend a game of twister.
  3. Learn some German! – there couldn’t be a better way to learn the German language then to be stuck inside. Make it fun with flashcards, games and watching a funny German series. Check out Kelly’s post about her German learning experience. She gives great tips for learning German.
  4. Get active with Nintendo Switch – ok if you have one.  We are saving up for one and boy do I wish we had it now. They have the best dance competition games and workout games. They are super fun and great for the whole family. If you don’t have one then just put on some music and dance! Simple.
  5. Karaoke – get a few bottles of wine and start a singing. Loads and loads of fun!
  6. Read a book – never under estimate a good book.
  7. Baking Competition – why not stage your own cooking show! Have a baker or two teams baking each other and have one person as the judge. Loads of fun and you have goodies to eat afterwards.
  8. Get Crafty – There are loads of great craft ideas on the internet. Why not set up a craft station at the kitchen table and get creative as a family.
  9. Make a movie -write a funny script as a family and act it out. And film it on your iPhone. Once you’re done edit it in InShot and viola you have a film. I’m sure you’ll all be laughing hysterically watching it. Good ole family fun!
  10. Just play – sometimes I think as adult we have to re-teach ourselves how to play. It’s so very important for our health, mind, body and soul. And if you have kids, they’ll love you for it. Build a city with lego, become a pirate on a pirate ship or solve a mystery. Let your kids guide you in their imaginary world. If you don’t have kids, but you have a roommate or a partner, you can play too.

If you have any more ideas for keeping yourself and your family occupied please share!

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