HOPE.  A word so much bigger than it’s 4 letters.  And a word that Hope Cafe does not take lightly!  From the moment you walk through the door the space envelopes you and invites you in!  There is a lightheartedness about the cafe that along with the coffee lifts you up and makes you smile!

The Story behind Hope Cafe

Well, as the whole world was shutting down the story of Hope Cafe was just getting started!  As COVID ravaged all corners of the world and much of life felt hopeless a girl named Akanksha was just beginning her dream.  Having had that hopeless and lost feeling before she refused to allow it to surface again.  Thus in 2019 hopeful and determined she set out on her coffee shop journey.  A journey that had sparked while pondering life and it’s meaning, sitting outside a tiny cafe in the middle of nowhere in India.  Filled with hope she built Hope.

The Vibe at Hope Cafe

Authentic.  Home away from home.  Everybody is welcome.  This is the spirit that Hope Cafe embodies.  However let me just clarify, when I say ‘home’ I mean a beautiful home built on love and hope!   From the soft colour palette to the luxurious sofa’s and well thought out seating plan it’s a space for everyone.  So whether you hoping to get a little work done, come in to catch with your friends or have a Saturday morning date with your little humans there’s a space for you!

“When making experiences, attention to detail matters.”  I feel this quote sums up perfectly the approach Akanksha took when creating Hope Cafe.  Unquestionably, Hope Cafe is an experience, a feeling where every detail matters.  Not even the dustbins were left to chance, it had to be just the right matte black.

The Coffee and Menu

Well if you after cake, then you have definitely come to the right place!  A truly spectacular array of cakes and sweet pastries lie behind glistening glass cabinets, all of them enticing you to eat them.  Each a tiny piece of patisserie artwork.  Layers of chocolate, cream, ganache and fruit compote ooze from the cheesecakes, macarons, brownies and cakes.  Moreover, there are vegan and gluten free options too, so no one has to miss out!  However it is worth noting there are not many savoury options.

Now onto the coffee!!  Hope Cafe collaborated with Backyard coffee to create their own perfect house blend.  And let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed my espresso (and latte and and and).  In short they chose 100% Brazilian arabica coffee, slightly acidic with fruity and caramel notes lightly roasted.

Good to know:

  1. They make beautiful cakes to order for every occasion
  2. The mini cheesecake with berry compote is to die for.  The compote was slightly tart which we loved!!

Louisenstraße 66,
61348 Bad Homburg

Monday – Friday: 8am – 11pm
Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook