The Lindley Lindenberg is the most glorious boutique hotel in Ostend.  A hotel with heart, soul and plenty of style!  From the moment you arrive, the decor and staff overwhelm you in the best possible way.

The Concept

Firstly at The Lindley Lindenberg it’s all about creating a sense of community, a feeling of welcoming in a space that’s inspiring!  The communal kitchens (2 in total) not only somewhere to cook but also a place to connect with others over food.  The idea that you are part of something yet free to decide how much. Secondly, there’s a simplicity that runs through the hotel with the beautiful clean lines and well thought out colour palette.  Each aspect of the hotel is carefully thought through, no space considered unimportant.  For instance stairwells are often drafty and uninviting and somewhere I head only when I need to up my step count!  Here however I lingered for quite some time photographing and appreciating the art.  The devil as they say is all in the detail.

The Rooms

Simple with all the right touches!  Clean white linen, shower gel with a scent that you literally can’t get enough of and colour palette with just enough ‘pop’ to excite you!  Also, nothing annoys us more than when we leave home and find we’ve forgotten out portable speakers (what’s life without music).  Don’t panic people the Lindley have you covered, Bose speaker no less!  Another thing we loved was none of your run of the mill doorstop porcelain coffee cups or last century wine glasses clutter the space, simply pop into the communal kitchen and pick up anything you need.

The Communal Areas

Now this is where the Lindley Lindenberg truly comes into it’s own:

  • The Parlour
  • The Herb Room (pop in for fresh herbs to add to your cooking!)
  • The Kitchens (as we mentioned earlier)
  • The Rooftop Terrace
  • Panopticon (great room for events and private functions)

Truly brilliant, instead of addIng two chairs a note pad and pen and convincing themselves that this is how people like relax in their hotel room they’ve created spaces within the hotel where you truly can! An interiors dream and a plethora of spaces to explore because let me assure you know space is like the one you just left.

Eating and Drinking

  • LEUCHTENDROTER Restaurant:  nourishing, fresh and absolutely delicious.  Vegetarian dishes with a good dollop of vegan we ate like queens!  Flavours that literally dance in your mouth.  Lucas who heads up the restaurant is an absolute gentleman and will take excellent care of you!
  • BAR MARMION:  with two resident barmen who literally light up the room it hard to imagine an evening ever being dull here!!  Cocktails, views over the city and downright good tunes means nothing but GOOD TIMES!

Their heart

Finally, at Lindley Lindenberg it’s not just about those they serve within their walls.  But rather it’s about serving community including communities much less fortunate than the one that any of us reading this live in. Pfefferminzgreen is an initiated started by a group of friends that partner an support projects in war torn Sierra Leone.  The brightly coloured hairdryer bags that may have or will catch your eye on your visit are just one example of such projects!

Good to know:

  • highly recommend the full dinner menu.  For reservations at LEUCHTENDROTER
  • Plants and cakes serves coffee and all things yummy in the lobby
  • to make a booking click here
  • for more about the area and things to do check out here
The Lindley Lindenberg Trendy Boutique hotel
The Parlour
The Parlour
Communal Kitchen