the pilates studio in Frankfurt is the perfect haven for pilates enthusiasts who love the traditional art form that Joseph Pilates created. Pilates is the perfect way to reconnect with your core, your powerhouse and increase your flexibility and strength!  Also it is conveniently central and located not even two minutes from the Eschenheimer Tor.

The Story Behind the pilates studio in Frankfurt

Lucy Hickey is the brains and the brawn behind The Pilates Studio.  Born in Dublin, dance and movement formed the foundation of Lucy’s life from a very young age.  To illustrate, her first professional training saw her move to Russia at the tender age of 14.  Following a number of years of living and working all over the world it was a contract with ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in Stuttgart that brought Lucy to Germany in 2003.  Furthermore, it was in Stuttgart that she met not only her Pilates mentor, Davorka Kulenovic but also her husband.  Over the next 8 years as with dance Lucy tirelessly threw herself into Pilates learning, training and teaching!  Finally, in 2016 Lucy took the leap and opened her very own pilates studio in Frankfurt.

Ethos and Training

Lucy trained with Davorka Kulenovic owner of Pilates New York in Stuttgart.  Kulenovic is a student of Romana Kryzanowska protégé of Joseph Pilates who was entrusted with continuing his method. Training with Davorka in the original Pilates method was incredibly rigorous, with over 700 hours of observation, training and teaching.

Furthermore, all teachers employed with the pilates studio are expected to have completed the same or similarly rigorous teacher trainings.

The Studio Vibe and Classes

Situated on the 2nd floor the decor is clean and minimalistic, allowing the teachers and the equipment to do all the ‘talking’.  There are two separate studios for teaching, one houses the pilates towers where the group classes are taught.  Whilst the other has 2 reformers, the Cadillac, the chair, baby chair and high chair for smaller and private classes. Finally, large windows line one wall in each studio making them light and airy.

One on One Private Classes

A class focused and tailored exactly to your needs.  Furthermore there is no better way to highlight weaknesses, or rather, imbalances in the body than with a private one on one class.  In these classes you have the opportunity to explore all forms of equipment namely the reformer, the Cadillac, chair, baby chair, high chair and barrel.  Also, it’s worth noting that they offer private one on one mat classes.

For me I was privileged to have a class with Lucy herself.  Her gorgeous lilting Irish accent masterfully guiding me through a wonderfully challenging pilates class!  Her cueing was absolutely on point and I loved how tactile she was when helping me make adjustments.

Group Tower Class

If you have never heard of a tower class you missing out and I would absolutely encourage you to try one*.  In essence it is based on traditional mat work but with the added intensity of using springs and the roll-down/push through bar to strengthen and stretch.  Also, classes are kept small with a maximum of 6 participants

Mat Classes

Predominantly the classes are held on site, however, the pilates studio does offer a few options for hybrid classes.  Meaning that some participants join via zoom, for this reason it is important to check what you sign up for.   Sometimes to spice things up and vary the classes they incorporate weights, towels or the Magic Circle.

Good to know

  • It is recommended to take a few private classes before joining any of the group equipment classes*
  • The tower classes are very popular and a phenomenal work out
  • We found the easiest and cheapest place to park is in My Zeil parkhaus.  Worth noting, if you park on level C or D it’s half the price of the first 2 levels ie €2 per hour rather than €4
  • The teaching staff come from multiple countries with English, Italian, Spanish and German being a few of the languages spoken.  However, please note classes are not conducted in all languages

Brönnerstraße 22
60313 Frankfurt am Main

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