OMG we are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with the incredible Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar to bring you even more cool English content!

So who exactly is Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar?

Well in the most simple of terms Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar is a magazine, blog and general creative force!

Of course much of the content that you will find on Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar is offered in german but don’t let that deter you we’ll be writing plenty of content! Also, check out their instagram feed it’s AMAZING!  Of course for this great content and imagery they take the time to walk the streets with their eyes wide open, find what so many miss and put it up for all to see!  Finally, at different times during the year they go ‘old school’ and publish a magazine which you can pick up at various locations through out the city.  For the rest of the year you can find their blog online!

Working together to bring you more COOL English content

The Frankfurt Edit and Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar align along many avenues, one being that we are both working towards showing people a side of Frankfurt that they perhaps don’t know about!  With this in mind, double the power double the impact.

Good to know:

  1. they form part of creative agency esistfreitag
  2. gone are the days of boring old city guide
  3. Read our first piece Survival kit: Your 1st week in Frankfurt


Fahrgasse 26
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Additional info:

esistfreitag:  website | facebook | instagram

Frankfurt Du Bist So Wunderbar:  website | facebook | instagram