What’s for Dinner??  How many times a week do we ask this question??  And how many times do we wish there was someone else to answer it for us?

Well, now there is!!  What’s for Dinner is a personal chef service that is not only full of flavour but full of personality too!  And let me tell you once you meet Alessandra and Cristina and taste their food you’ll find yourself wishing they popped round and answered this question for you every single night and then prepared it!

The Story behind What’s for Dinner

Alessandra D’Orsi and Cristina Sommella are the power house duo behind this amazing service!  Essentially they bring you restaurant style service and food directly in your home and kitchen.  And like so many others, the pandemic served as the catalyst to combine their passion and skills and create a business that literally leaves your mouth watering.  Initially they were only sharing recipes and meal inspiration on their social media accounts.  However, they soon realised as a result of the seemly never ending lockdown restrictions, people were desperately missing restaurants and moreover the restaurant experience.

The Personal Chef Concept and Menu

In short, ’Leave it all to Alessendra and Cristina’ would best describe the essence of the What’s for Dinner service.  Of course however, the initial menu decision is a collaborative process between you and the WFD team!  Also, they will organise a walk through of your kitchen to familiarise and ensure they have all the essentials for creating your menu of choice.

Worth noting, Italian and Mediterranean food and flavours are what truly inspire Cristina’s cooking and the WFD service.  Moreover fresh ingredients, subtle but beautiful flavours and vibrant colours are the foundation of the simple and utterly delicious dishes that Cristina creates!  So, while Christina is whipping up a flavour storm in your kitchen Alessandra is taking care of every other detail!  Namely everything from laying the table to chilling the wine and ensuring the dish arrives perfectly before you to savour and enjoy!

Cooking Classes

Want to take your home cooking to the next level?  Well, perhaps a cooking class with Cristina will be just what your culinary skills need!  For Italians food is more than just cooking, it’s sharing, it’s the opportunity to connect and it’s love!  So, let Christina not only ‘infuse’ you with new cooking techniques but also with the passion she has for the food the she prepares!


Wherever you are


You name the time

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