If you have ever found yourself new in a foreign city with nothing but a 40 ft freight container, two screaming children continuously demanding  snacks and no idea where to buy them, then Sandra will be your saviour!  Why?  Because she owns and runs Main(e) Familienagentur and all round service to make your life in Frankfurt seamless and easy!  Ok ok, she probably won’t unpack the container but anything else from schools, to kids after school activities, to doctors to where to do you dry cleaning or where you can escape for 30 minutes!  Having said that, Sandra is not only for those new to the city but for all those hard working mothers and fathers who just don’t have enough time in the day and need a little support!

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

I am the mother of three children two girls (8 and 3 years old) and one boy (6 years old) and married to an original “Sachsenhäuser Bub”.  Originally, I am from a city in between Cologne and Düsseldorf, but moved to Frankfurt in 2010. Over the years in this beautiful city, I have developed many friendships and through my children, I have widened my network further.

Planning, organising and managing have always been my strong suit.  And this has been useful in both my personal and professional life. After completing my apprenticeship I spent one year abroad in Chicago, USA.  I worked in different jobs within administration as well as Practice and Event Management at McKinsey & Company.  Later I switched to a more people-oriented job having enrolled in an evening program and finished my business degree.  Subsequent to that, I moved to professional development of consultants, which included many working mothers who not only had to manage their careers but also family life. As a  working mother myself, I have experienced the stress and struggle of balancing this double role first hand.  After my third child I decided I wanted to help support hard working mothers and fathers in their daily lives and that’s when I founded Main(e) Familienagentur.

Frankfurt Family Services Main(e) Familienagentur

2.  Tell us about Main(e) Familienagentur?

Especially when you are new in the city as a foreigner or in your role being or becoming a mother it is not always easy finding your way around. As a mother of three I know the challenges of daily family life and my agency supports families individually and creatively.

My goal is to help families have a smooth start in their new hometown. There are many interesting places and activities in the area for families and with my services I can guide them through the time-consuming tasks of becoming familiar with what the city has to offer. By taking over the organisation of these activities, I can ease their transition to Frankfurt and provide opportunities for the entire family to connect with their new community.

Furthermore, I want my family support service to bring relief to everyday life and to save time to focus on job or enjoying the free moments. My service helps expectant mothers to focus on job and career as long as possible and to return to job as soon as possible but making sure all everyday tasks of being a mother are catered for.

3.  What was the inspiration for starting Main(e) Familienagentur?

I’ve always loved to organise things and to dig deep and find the coolest things for our family to do. In February 2019 I had to decide whether to return to my old job after parental leave or not. At the same time a friend of mine asked for some support to organise family stuff and suggest making a business out of it. And then the idea was born and I decided to find out more about founding my own business with that kind of family service. Obviously, I wouldn’t have had the idea without my kids who are the greatest inspiration for me. Furthermore, having worked in a career driven environment and knowing what it means having family and being successful in the job, supporting compatibility has gotten a heart project for me.

4.  When should people enlist your services?  i.e.  before or after moving to Frankfurt

I would say, that it is best to get in touch with me as soon as parents know that they will be moving to Frankfurt. Individually, we can decide when it is best to start the cooperation. My service is depending on the family needs: Do they know where exactly they will be living (neighbourhood) already or where they want their kids go to school (public/private) or can I help with those decisions already.

5.  What are some of the most popular services that you offer?

The starter kid is quite popular. If you have just one topic you would like me to do research for I do it for you. This could be helping with the search of a trustful personal swim teacher or a party location or how to-instructions(“Gestattungsantrag” for example). That way you safe valuable research time and get trustworthy recommendations you can rely on. I only recommend or connect families to institutions, teachers or others where I would give my children, too.

6.  If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?  Why?

That’s a tough question. I am extremely interested in topics like Diversity & Inclusion and People Care and therefore, would like to cooperate with a company that is really into transformation and change of working environment for woman. Especially, compatibility and female leadership are of interest for me in this context. Companies that provide leadership roles for mothers working in parttime or creating career options for mothers, job sharing or flexible working hours options, and so on.

7.  What is your top tip for newcomers to Frankfurt and its surroundings?

Frankfurt is very international and there are so many communities from all over the world. Try to get in touch with them right at the beginning of your arrival and it will make your life so much easier.

8.  What do you love about Frankfurt?

Eintracht Frankfurt should be the answer my husband would say 😉 I love the Mainhattan flair looking at the skyline, the internationality and that I can ride my bike nearly everywhere, nothing is far away.

9.  Where is your favourite place in Frankfurt?

I really like the skatepark by the river in Ostend a lot. You can get a good coffee and food (Oosten or Kunstverein Montez) and just watch the kids play, and people of all nationalities having a good time doing sports or skate or swing etc. In all matters you have a fantastic view – the Skyline with the ECB, the river and the people. A happy place.

10.  What area in Frankfurt is your favourite and why?

It is Sachsenhausen – Since my move from Düsseldorf I have been living here and this is where my home is. I like the Schweizer Straße and the Brückenstraßenviertel a lot. It is the place of remembrance: I have lots of lovely memories talking about this neighborhood (wedding,giving birth in Sachsenhäuser hospital, Baptism celebrations, etc.)

11.  How should people get in touch to have a chat?

I offer an introductory 15-20 minutes “am I right for you” session where we can discuss your needs and requirements.  These sessions have no strings attached and allow both parties to introduce themselves.

Tel: +49 (0) 152 53 44 89 72

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