Few relationships in life require more trust than the one with your hairdresser!  So finding a good one is worth its weight in gold!  And finding one with a more impressive CV and barrage of clients than Alex von Trentini is rare.  However, what makes Alex von Trentini hair salon worth the visit, is that it is about more than just one man Alex von Trentini!  It’s about the team he has built around him!  And the service they provide!

The Story Behind Alex von Trentini Hair Salon

In short, hairdressing runs through his veins (and his family’s).  He’s from a hairdressing family he tells me!  His father is a hairdresser and so too is his brother.  Read the full story and interview.

The Vibe

Relaxed and unpretentious!

In our opinion, the reception area welcomes you with a subtle nod to the Op Art Era.  Thick striped black and white wallpaper contrasting with geometric-shaped patterned upholstery and soft furnishings.  A glass and chrome coffee table plays host to perfectly laid-out magazines and books to flick through as you sit sipping your welcome tea.

The monochromatic theme continues throughout the salon creating clean lines and a modern feel.  Each hairdresser has their own personal wooden cart which stores their essentials and favourite tools of the trade.  These are wheeled around the salon as needed before standing to attention like little wooden soldiers.

The salon space is large but very cleverly divided into three sections. A reception area, a main cutting area and finally a slightly smaller wash and additional seating area.  Meaning when you visit you are not lost in a cavernous space that feels impersonal or production line’esc. Furthermore, the salon has a private room specifically set up for those who wish to sit away from prying eyes or just prefer a little additional privacy and quiet.

The Team at Alex von Trentini Hair Salon


A team is only as strong as its weakest link!  And as far as I could see there wasn’t one.  In fact, what really struck me was the eclectic mix of personalities each bringing with them their specific strengths and character.  There is no cookie-cutter effect with the staff Alex von Trentini chooses to employ.  The staff are from different parts of the country, different ages, different work backgrounds and different personalities.  What is plain to see is the team and how it functions together as a whole is important when you are invited in to join the fold.  Laughter and genuine friendship seem to fill the hair salon with mentoring and camaraderie being the norm.

Alex von Trentini himself only rarely takes new clients these days.  Unfortunately with his schedule so busy he relies more and more on his team!  But as mentioned above the team is more than up to the job!  Continuous professional training and development of the team happen every month so they are always up to speed on trends and the latest techniques.

The Service

Undoubtedly it’s about more than just getting your hair done!  In fact, it’s an experiential service from the welcome tea on arrival to hand scrub as you sit in your treatment chair to the scalp massage.  UTTER BLISS!  Together with their product partner La Biosthetique, they take you through a 10-step beauty process. And this means that not only do you leave the salon with great hair but also relaxed or at least a few stress levels lower!

Good to know

  • The phenomenal Katerina Klär took charge of my blonde locks!  And let’s just say she certainly had her work cut out for her!  I left with the biggest grin and the best highlights I’ve ever had!
  • The additional fully private room can be booked at an additional charge.  Here you are completely separate from the other clientele and are welcomed and treated with the utmost discretion
  • Both Alex von Trentini hair salons are located in Wiesbaden but are TOTALLY worth the trip!

Bahnhofstraße 37
65185 Wiesbaden

Monday – Friday, 8am – 11pm
Saturday, 10am – 11pm
Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook