The original opera house was destroyed in WWII and now in its place stands Alte Oper (Old Opera) a concert hall and conference centre.  Worth noting though, whilst it is still called ‘Oper’ the actual Frankfurt Opera has in fact  moved to a new location and more modern building nearby.

With more than 450 events a year, Alte Oper provides a fantastic venue for both adults and kids alike.  Whilst you take a minute to admire the building, the gorgeous fountain in the centre of the square provides a perfect distraction for little people.

Alte Oper Activities and Events

The kids program was of particular interest to us as we believe it is important to build kids horizons allowing them to appreciate and form opinions on all forms of cultural expression from a very young age. Under the banner “PEGASUS – experiencing music!” the kids program (ages 0-21) is presented. The concerts and events are hugely popular and are often sold out as soon as advanced booking is available, as they say, ‘only the die hard parents get the tickets’ – just kidding, but be quick and organised if you want to go!

Good to know:

  • book in advance

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