Ice cream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!  But where does one find the best ice cream in Frankfurt??  And, which is the best ice cream shop??

Cone or cup?  Scoop or Soft serve?  Ice cream or Sorbet? Sprinkles or no sprinkles?  Decisions decisions!!  With so many choices, we decided to hit the streets with our esteemed panel of judges (no one a critic like two eight and one 6-year-old) and get you the inside scoop.  To think, when we were kids, it was vanilla or chocolate, and if you were lucky, you could have both!!!! 

It should be noted if you are new to Frankfurt or Germany, the Germans are passionate about Eis!!  And you will no doubt realise this when you find an ice cream shop on almost every corner!

Importantly, we wanted to give you a variety of what we think are the best ice cream shops in Frankfurt. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 ice cream picks.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Frankfurt


With a number of ‘The Great Taste Awards’ to add to their name Bizziice, is definitely one not to be missed.  We think that’s a pretty good advertisement all in itself; however, being professionals, we double-checked!  Here in Frankfurt, you can choose from two different locations: one in Nordend on Koselstrasse 42 and one in Sachenhausen on Wallstrasse 26.  Also, if you’re visiting the zoo, well, they have a stand in there too!!!!

Ice Cream Notes:
  • organic certified
  • lactose-free options
  • they do frozen yoghurt and sorbet too
What our judges chose and said:
  • Yummy!
  • Two milk chocolate and one white chocolate were the flavours of choice
  • One of our little judges did wish she would have tried the lemon though.

Eissalon Firenze

When we first came to Frankfurt, our local knowledge heads recommended this little gem, Eissalon Firenze. And we are so glad they did. It’s like a little piece of Italy right here in Frankfurt. Tucked away behind the fountains on Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 13, look out for the colourful vespers and the queue!  It’s the perfect spot to grab an ice cream and let the kids run through the water while you grab a few minutes of peace.  Also, feel free to grab a wine from the bar right beside!  Great for everyone, we say!

Ice Cream Notes:
  • Very interesting flavours and lovely flavour combinations.
  • We tried Zitrone und Mint. It was like eating a Mojito. Don’t mind if we do!
  • Served in the traditional Italian way, with a spatula, not a scoop!
What our judges chose and said:
  • Stracciatella was a firm favourite here


There’s a new kid in town, and it’s delicious. Located in Bornheim, Bornheimer Landstraße 18, this little dream is just what the doctor ordered. Antipodean is Italian-style gelato with an Aussie flare! They make it fresh every day!

Ice Cream Notes:
  • Italian Gelato with Aussie Flare
  • Make their own waffle cones fresh every day
  • Use locally sourced milk products
  • Vegan and lactose-free options
  • Big focus on sustainability with machinery and energy source
  • interesting flavours
What our judges say:
  • Absolutely loved it.
  • We tried the white chocolate with bits and chocolate sorbet. Delicious!

Eis Christina

We are sure most of you know Eis Christina. Why?  Because it’s an institution here in Frankfurt. Two generations stand behind them, and they’ve been around for 41 years! Ice cream experts! They believe in only using the very best products out there. For example, their milk, cream and butter are sourced from Berchtesgaden, vanilla pods from Tahiti and their nuts from Italy. That’s some good ingredients right there.

Eckenheimer Landstraße 78

Ice Cream Notes:
  • Best Ingredients
  • Loads of flavours and specialities
  • We suggest getting one of their specialities like the spaghetti Ice Cream with all the toppings. Grad and fantastic!
What our judges chose and said:
  • can’t beat an ice cream cone from the best in town try them all!


This little gem is located at Berger Straße 36. Family owned and run for the past 10 years, they have pushed the ice cream boundaries adding gluten free, lactose free and vegan options to their menu. When they realised that both their kids had allergies they decided to develop a recipe so they could enjoy the wonders of ice cream too. No one should be left behind when it comes to experiencing the joys of ice cream.  People flock from far and wide to buy Mint’s speciality ice creams!

Ice Cream Notes:
  • gluten and lactose-free options
  • vegan options
  • Ice cream aside, with their Argentinian roots, the Alfjor is an absolute must-try!
What our judges chose and said:
  • They loved Mint.
  • Cookies and cream was the flavour of choice, and it was a definite winner!
  • The M&M’s hiding in the bottom of the cone is a stroke of genius

To summarise, ice cream is a big deal in Germany and is eaten throughout the year.  So, whilst we have given you our picks for the best ice cream shops in Frankfurt, there are plenty more to find in our fair city!  If you find one that you think should definitely make this list, be sure to let us know!