Frankfurt asked and TAQUERÍA “La original” delivered!  The best Taco’s in town, and lets be clear, when we say best we also mean authentic!  If there is something I have seen asked time and time again whilst living in Frankfurt it’s ‘Where can I find authentic and delicious Mexican food in Frankfurt’?  Finally I can answer with certaintyTAQUERÍA “La original”

The Story behind TAQUERÍA “La original”

Well like most things and idea’s in life, it was born out of a lack and a need. And in this instance, it was a lack of authentic Mexican food and a need for it in Frankfurt.  The partners of Omakase Four GmbH are the brains behind this incredible and delicious venture.  Bringing to life a space where people can meet, celebrate, eat and share in a relaxed environment.


Relaxed and Gorgeous!!  Ah I can’t tell you how much I love the interiors!  From the clean lines of the Taqueria bar serving up the Best Taco’s in Frankfurt to the dramatic mural in the main restaurant to the bright exuberant colours in the bathroom!  Furthermore I feel the mural needs an additional mention, a complete conversation starter!!  In order to be as authentic as possible, the stencil was created and designed in Mexico before being shipped and ‘installed’ in Frankfurt.

Now what’s Mexican without Tequila?  Well, with an entire wall paying homage to the biggest collection of Tequila in Frankfurt you will not be disappointed!  And to all our margarita lovers out there, you have officially found your second home!

What is the key to making authentic Mexican food?

Many will tell you it all comes down to the tortilla’s and sourcing high quality fresh ingredients.

The Tortilla’s

Undoubtedly one of the most important and foundational elements of an authentic taco is the tortilla!  And this is why all tortilla’s at TAQUERÍA “La original”are freshly made and pressed each day!   Furthermore they have two tortilla options, namely a corn and a wheat flour option.  With each filling or topping being paired with the perfect tortilla.

For instance the corn tortilla has a distinctive flavour, is more corse and ‘durable’ (for want of a better word) than the wheat flour tortilla. And therefore pairs perfectly with the richly marinated chicken and brisket options.  Meaning the juices can sink in, slowly softening the tortilla without it completely disintegrating in your hand as you eat.  On the other hand, the crispy fish taco is best served on the more subtle and softer wheat flour tortilla.

High quality fresh ingredients

Mexican food and taco’s vary enormously depending on where you find yourself in Mexico.  Each region and area having it’s own distinct flavours and ingredients.  Undoubtedly TAQUERÍA “La original” is no different.  In addition to finding a local producer who provides them with distinctly Mexican ingredients like nopales, tomatillos and particular peppers they also cleverly incorporate regional German produce too.

Finally it’s worth noting that all ingredients are organic and farm raised!

How it works, and where to find ‘The best Taco’s in Frankfurt’.

At last finding the best Taco’s in Frankfurt is easy!  TAQUERÍA “La original” is located a stones throw away from Eschenheimer Tor.  And only a short walk around the corner from Zeil.  Undoubtedly making it the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat whilst shopping.

Firstly, order at the counter.  Secondly, find a seat.  And finally, wait for your order!  IT COULD NOT BE EASIER!

Good to know

  • The ENSALADA DE TOMATE Y NOPALES is absolutely phenomenal and I highly recommend it
  • Also, the corn on the cob is MAGIC!
  • Parking is tricky but Zeil Parkhaus is very nearby
  • Get there early the line gets very very long
  • It is definitely being added to our list of Best Restaurants in Frankfurt


Stiftstraße 41
60313 Frankfurt am Main


Tuesday – Saturday, 12:30pm – 3:30pm and 5:30pm – 11pm

Additional information:   TAQUERIA “La original” website | Instagram