So we are finally stepping out of ‘lockdown’ and we are all beyond excited to resume ‘normal life’. But, what is normal life?  Life has certainly changed since this pandemic swept across the globe.  The world completely shut down, a reality that 6 months ago might have seemed more fitting for a Hollywood blockbuster.

The question now, how do we go back?  Can we go back?

Can we go back to:

  • sneezing without judgment
  • Hugging without fear
  • international travel
  • Maskless faces (we talking literally here)
  • And pain free soft hands

For the minute probably not, but I feel that whilst ‘old normal’ seems a million miles away perhaps we can create a ‘new normal’. A new normal where we take a moment to reflect, learn and most importantly adapt.  If nature has taught us anything it’s that those who adapt are the ones who survive.

What is the ‘new normal’?

Well, that is yet to be fully determined! Beside the small awkward dance we do when meeting our friends trying to decide whether the elbow bump, bow or just a nod is the most appropriate greeting.  Below are a few of the things that are here to stay for the foreseeable future.


So I currently have a difficult relationship with my mask, I swear sometimes I think it’s trying to suffocate me ????.  However having said that, it’s mandatory and as such I will endeavour to wear it with as much style as I can muster!  Check out Kelly’s tips for wearing a mask with style.


Schools are back in session – kinda!  Can I get an amen or a wooooohooo!  I’m not sure about you, but I’m probably going to need therapy to deal with the whole home schooling debacle!

However excitement aside, schools reopening come with a host of new rules.  Social distancing and masks are just two of them, god if they asked me to send them in a hazmat suit I would.  This means, tag with no touching, classes with no sharing and school strategies with segregation at the forefront and focus.  What characterises kindness and affection will need to be be relearned.  Body language will dominate over facial expression and listening and hearing will be king.


Perhaps long distance travel may need to be on the back burner for a while, but we are lucky enough to be on mainland Europe with plenty of closer to home getaways.  Now is the opportunity to explore places you always meant to visit near you but were always too busy trying to find somewhere ‘exotic’.  Frankfurt has some great boutique hotels so a staycation while someone watches your kids for the night might be on the cards!

So whilst we all begin to tackle this new normal, it’s sometimes comforting to revisit some of our old favourite things to see and do.

‘These are a few of my favourite things’

  • Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels – head over to Konstablerwache Market for some amazing apple strudel, unfortunately we can’t remember the exact vendor so just try them all!
  • Doorbells and sleigh bells – no sleigh bells for the moment, however, ring the bell for Club Michel
  • And schnitzel with noodlesApfelwein Solzer serves up a mean Frankfurter Schnitzel
  • Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings – finally for a little silver moon linings… head over to Bernhard Knaus Fine Art and see the wonderful initiative Silver Linings, which serves to support up and coming young artists being financially affected by the Corona Pandemic

I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad