As the old African proverb goes, ‘It takes a village (‘community’) to raise a child’!  So, in a time where community has become so fragmented as a result of globalisation, it’s refreshing to find places that value it!  Without a doubt, Chillish is a ‘community cafe’.  Meaning, community lies at the very heart of what they do!

The Story behind Chillish (a community cafe)

A mix of humanity, retirement planning and community service is the foundation for Chillish Cafe. Hyun Min Schoonaert is the woman behind this new cafe in Sachsenhausen!  And whilst we always felt that retirement was a time for relaxation, Hyun Min apparently doesn’t 😂. In essence, she wanted to create a safe, inviting space for all those in her community.  A space free from creed, colour, race and ageism!  Whether you are 9 or 90, there is room for you and moreover at the same table.

The Vibe


Chillish are not only socially responsible with their local community but also doing their bit for the planet too!  To illustrate, much of what you will find at Chillish has been created using either upcycled or recycled materials. For instance, the huge feature to the left has been achieved using recycled pallets, the chairs are upcycled chairs from the 60’s and 70’s, and the tables were made in-house using reclaimed wood.  Next, the shelving units are fashioned out of old iron pipes and sheeting.  Next, in the corner lies a vintage Street Fighter arcade game and, just to its right, an old-school Nintendo GameCube!  Teenagers, come try your hand these babies!!!  Old coffee tins will be repurposed and used to make interesting light fittings.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of space in and around the cafe. Meaning it’s perfect for mums who need to manoeuvre a pram or buggy.  As we mentioned earlier, all ages are welcome.  Thus, there is a ‘kids corner’ with a few games, books, puzzles and colouring items to keep the tiniest hands entertained.

The Menu

Fuss-free Korean street food!  So expect all the usual kimbap, bibimbap, japchae and tteokbokki.

The kimbap was lovely and fresh, and the bibimbap was very nicely seasoned, in our opinion!  For those with a sweet tooth, there are fresh cakes, waffles and bingsu!

Community Cafe Projects

Tutoring for school-aged kids.  Chillish provides a space for children who need extra tutoring to receive it from volunteers in the community who have the time and ability.

Creative projects.  Drawing lessons, shoe decorating and various other projects are continuously on the go.  Enquire directly with the cafe to find out more about these projects.

Good to know

  • With the kid’s corner and space, it’s perfect for mums and babes
  • Activities to keep teenagers entertained too

Elisabethenstraße 15,
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Thursday: 9am – 5:30pm
Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday:  12pm -7pm
Sunday: Closed

Additional Info:    website | instagram