No visit to Frankfurt is complete without a visit to Kleinmarkthalle!  Not only is it wonderful to find inspiration for your weekly menu but it a great spot to meet friends for a quick bite to eat and catch up!

About Kleinmarkthalle

Kleinmarkthalle is a 1500 sq\m indoor haven for anyone with a passion for local fresh produce & imported delicacies (the irony doesn’t escape us). Firstly, just wander the isles and allow the colours, aromas, tastes, sounds and touch to awaken each of your senses. Home to 156 stalls there is definitely something for everyone.  If you not looking to do your weekly shop head ‘upstairs’ for a cheeky glass of wine and a bite to eat (get there early if you want a seat or want to see what it’s like when you can swing a cat, it really starts to buzz!)

Next, head all the way downstairs to the fishmonger and choose your fish.  Honestly, it doesn’t come much fresher than this, you can pick one as it swims in the tank.  Of course we realise this isn’t for everyone and you can get your fish already too!

Also, the butchers are another thing of wonder and are very open to chatting and offering advise on the best cuts and which variety of sausage to try.  Seriously I had no idea there were so many choices and I’m South African.

It’s a fantastic day out for any guests visiting too!  Finally, another must visit market is Frankfurts largest farmers market, Konstablerwache Market.

Hasengasse 7
60311 Frankfurt am Main – Altstadt

Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm
Saturday, 8am -4pm
Sunday, closed

Additional Info:   website