Corelab in Frankfurt is an exciting and totally innovative way to workout!  And it’s quite unlike anything else that I have tried before.  In short it’s a fusion of traditional resistance and strength training with pilates inspired flexibility and balance albeit with a light dusting of ingenuity.

The Corelab Vibe and Concept

’Commit to yourself’ and find your tribe!

Absolutely, Corelab is about fitness, but, it is not only about fitness it is also about community.  Moreover it is about creating a space where like minded people meet and work towards their goals with the help of trained and motivated coaches.

The Vibe

Modern and innovative

Undoubtedly it is the army of black and gleaming meticulously designed machines that first command your attention as you enter the studio.  Quietly they lie in wait ready to push you to your limits. Next the mirrors, much of which line the wall space increasing the feeling of space and intensity.  Finally the dark carpets and walls are punctuated by neon signage and strobe like lighting and the commitment wall.  And it is at the commitment wall that state your intentions for all to see and to keep you accountable.

The Corelab Concept

As previously mentioned, the workout is a fusion of strength and resistance training, pilates inspired flexibility and balance all performed on a moving ‘station’ with resistance springs, cables and some free weights.  The workout methodology is designed to give you a balanced full body workout in just 50 minutes.  To summarise the class targets all areas of the body using various exercises that are performed in predominantly 1 minute intervals.  It is worth noting that all exercises can be modified or amplified depending on each individuals ability and fitness level.

The Corelab Station/Machine

Impressively, the Corelab station/machine was designed in-house by Gloria herself and manufactured in Germany.  And whilst the station has taken some inspiration from the pilates reformer don’t be fooled into thinking that this is anything like a typical pilates class.  Importantly, the station was designed by Gloria to accommodate progressive overload to build strength and impressively boasts up to 105kg’s of resistance.

The Story behind Corelab in Frankfurt

Gloria Cadavid Is the driving force behind Corelab in Frankfurt!  And let me tell you she most certainly is a  force in the best way.  Driven, passionate and incredibly innovative!  Gloria was born in Colombia but moved to the United States at a young age where she lived throughout her schooling and into her career.

After achieving her masters in Environmental Science at Columbia she moved to Washington DC.  And it was there in 2015, that she truly uncovered another passion and dream, FITNESS.  More specifically, she discovered the fitness concept that inspired what we now see as Corelab in Frankfurt today.  However, it would be a number of years before that dream would become reality.

After accepting a fellowship with The Robert Bosch Foundation she moved to Munich in 2018 and then to Frankfurt at the end of 2021.  And finally it was in Frankfurt that Corelab Studio finally came to fruition and opened its doors in March 2023.

Good to know

  • Corelab in Frankfurt have their own app which makes payment, timetable referencing and booking classes a breeze
  • They have bathrooms onsite fully equipped with hairdryers, straighteners and basic toiletry products making a workout before, during or after easy!
  • Lockers make it easy to lock away valuables while you sweat it up in the studio
  • Slip proof socks are recommended and can be bought at the studio
  • If you want to feel the BURN then this is the workout for you!  You are guaranteed to feel muscles you didn’t realise you had!

Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 3
60314 Frankfurt am Main


Corelab class schedule

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