COVID-19 restrictions SIMPLIFIED!  Restrictions have been going on for so long and there have been so many amendments that it’s hard to keep up!  Also, finding the information in English can be difficult and time consuming.  With this in mind, we want to simplify the latest restrictions as much as possible and give you a birds eye view.  For a more detailed article of all the restrictions we recommend reading our in depth version.  

So finally, restrictions seem to be moving towards far less stringent measures and we may finally be able to see one another’s faces again!

Also, the vaccination strategy continues to forge ahead and continues to give us all hope!  And for a list of Frankfurt Covid-19 test centres

The latest guidance from the government (as far as we can determine as of March 7th) is as follows:

COVID-19 Restrictions SIMPLIFIED, a birds eye view

Latest Quarantine and Isolation Rules

COVID-19 Restrictions 2G Plus Status?

As the government in Germany and Hessen try to navigate their way through the Omnicron wave, COVID-19 Restrictions continue to change!  As of the 17th of January the 2G Plus rule has come into effect.  But what does this actually mean?  To find out what equates to fulfilling the requirements see the infographic below.

Finally, you may also find the following helpful:

  • Robert Koch Institute Incidence Rate by region
  • Robert Koch institute COVID-19 risk areas (a PDF of the latest information can be found there)
  • For General information call the Corona hotline of the Ministry of Social Affairs: 0800/5554666

To conclude Frankfurt COVID-19 restrictions are open to change at any time.  So please continue to stay informed and always double check details!