Studio Tuesday is the culmination of life experiences, travels and 2 perfectly aligned passions coming together, Pilates infused and Erlich Grun. So whilst many a local may tout words like ‘Mainhatten’ and ‘international city’ at you, there is no denying Frankfurt is not New York!  Having said that studio Tuesday is definitely bringing freshness and flair to this fair city.  Their Concept?  It’s simple, a concept cafe!  Coffee and Pilates all under one roof!

Studio Tuesday brings you Coffee and Pilates

So if you’ve always thought you can’t have your cake and eat it.  Or, thought you can’t have coffee with a friend and fit in your work out!  Well we here to tell you to think again!  Firstly, cake is well deserved after a Pilates reformer class that has just kicked your a**.  Secondly, there is always time for coffee with a friend, particularly when you can literally fall off your reformer into a cafe serving that all important caffeine fix!

So, now you can have a leisurely coffee before class, after class or before and after class for that matter(we see you and understand you)!

Ehrlich Grun, the cafe and coffee bit

Ascan Onat initially studied Media communications managements.  He dabbled in videography and the corporate world but found that none of that was for him.  However, one thing that played a recurring and continuous part in Onat’s working career was gastronomy.  It was something that continuously piqued his interest and something he passionate about.  From mixology to barista, restaurant to cafe he’s done it all!  However, owning his own piece of the gastronomic pie, well this is a first.  Having spent years travelling the world and being inspired by all cultures and meeting people all across the globe he could of chosen anywhere to open his first venture. However, there is a deep seated want to bring something back to his hometown.  A deep seated need to give back to the place he was born.  And it is these reasons that Ehrlich Grun stands proud on Eschersheimer Landstaße in Frankfurt.

And as far as we can see he has blown it out the water!!

The Menu and Food Concept


Onat opted for a largely vegetarian menu but includes plenty of vegan options.  Along with having a selection of all day options ranging from sandwich’s, wraps, smoothie bowls and sweet treats you will also find the daily salad bar from 11:30 onwards.  Moreover, the salad bar allows you to mix and match and design your perfect salad to pair with homemade dressings, hummus and sourdough!  And on weekends take advantage of the brunch, tray which includes egg muffin, roasted veggies, side salad, avocado, poached egg, hummus and sourdough.

So whilst there may be nothing complicated about the cooking techniques employed at Ehrlich Grun you are always guaranteed plenty of flavour!

The Vibe

Inspired by Bali, Singapore, Istanbul, Greece, New York, LA and 80’s Frankfurt Airport (keep an ear out for the split flap display board)

The interior in a word, fusion.  Taking pieces of inspiration from across the globe to create the unique Studio Tuesday puzzle.  Think Japanese sake bars with clean lines and all access view, New York window bars and bar stools all pulled together with the LA welcoming and laid back vibe!

Good to know

  • Coffee and Pilates under one roof
  • Serve up a mean Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Vegetarian Menu with plenty of vegan options
  • Pilates Infused right next door offer group reformer pilates classes

Eschersheimer Landstraße 5
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Sunday and Monday:  Closed
Tuesday – Friday:  8am – 4pm
Saturday:  9:30am – 5pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram