What Cooking Classes are on offer with Frankfurt for Cooks

Frankfurt for Cooks offers a variety of cooking classes and almost certainly there is something for everyone!

In-person Individual Classes

In these one on one classes everything is tailored exactly to want the client wants.  Right from what the individual is hoping to learn to how much time and resources the individual has available to invest.  To give a few examples of requests previously made by clients, how to make vegetables the hero of any dish.  Meaning how to make cooking vegetables more interesting, more flavourful and something that everyone is excited to eat (goodness knows anyone with kids has this challenge).  Or another is example is dishes that are great for batch cooking and freezing.

In-person Group Classes

This is a great way for a few friends to get together and share an experience whilst also learning!  And the best bit is you get to all sit down to eat together after all the cooking is done!

Online Cooking Classes

Like so many other services that made their way online this was as a result of the pandemic.  Nonetheless, Schmidt found online to be an incredibly efficient way for people to learn.  By setting up various cameras in her kitchen participants could see not only her but also her hands for instance to get ‘the whole picture’.  Cooking classes in this manner are also more cost effective.

Corporate Cooking Events

Team cooking events are a great way for instance to do team building.  However, Schmidt is open to whatever the corporate clients have in mind.

Frankfurt for Cooks!  Just meeting Anna fills you with a confidence that she knows what she’s doing!  And boy I need someone who not only knows what they doing but also loves a challenge.

So here’s the thing, I love to cook but I absolutely LOATHE to cook!  And honestly, I think this all comes down to the fact that I’ve never really learned how to cook, well.  As you may have realised I’m no Julia Childs!  And I didn’t have a mum who spent hours in the kitchen, well maybe she did but I was away at boarding school eating food that only helped to perfect my gag reflex.  Also, I’m not Italian so I didn’t have a Nona who learnt from her Nona who learnt from her Nona who learnt from….you see where I’m going with this right?

About Frankfurt for Cooks

Anna Schmidt was originally born in St Petersburg.  However, after studying English and German at the Language University in St Petersburg she decided to move to Berlin and study Finance.  Next, she moved to London where she worked as a Interest-rate Derivatives trader at Commerzbank.  And it was in London that she had her 3 beautiful girls, like almost anyone will tell you, kids change everything. Anna was no different, she realised she wanted/needed something different than what the trading floor offered.

Subsequently she decided to retrain as a chef and the rest as they say is history. Anna enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu  and spent the next 9 months intensively learning and honing her cooking skills!  After completing her qualification she decided to start a small cooking school offering a variety of cooking classes and tours educating anyone who wished to learn.

Of course as we all know nothing is forever and once again Germany came a knocking!  Shortly before Brexit, Anna’s husband was relocated to Frankfurt and after getting settled she once again decided to offer her cooking classes just as she had done in London.

Market Tours

Not only does Anna offer cooking classes but she also offers great market tours.  In these tours you get the opportunity to head directly to the smaller markets with her and learn what and what not to expect when buying fresh fish, meat and or produce.  From understanding what look for with the fresh fishes gills to knowing how to spot whether fish have been well handled she’ll pass on her know how.  Also, learn how to be inspired and what to look for when doing your weekly market shop.

Good to know

  • Her Social media (Instagram in particular) is full of wonderful tips
  • Schmidt does not offer catering
  • In our opinion this is the perfect gift for the woman/man who has everything


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