Are you an expat, traveller or professional currently in flux seeking a chic temporary home in the vibrant city of Frankfurt?  Look no further!  HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt is gearing up to redefine your temporary accommodation experience in the heart of Bockenheim.

Who is HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt

At the heart of HAVENS LIVING lies community!  In today’s fast-paced and transient world, finding a safe space, a community and somewhere to call home, even if only for a moment, can be a challenge.  HAVENS LIVING understands this and hopes to be the ‘haven’ that so many seek.

HAVENS LIVING, a brand incorporated under the International Campus Group umbrella, is not just another coliving space. It is a direct response to the growing demographic of ‘Unsettled Professionals’.  Often, this demographic of individuals lies either on the cusp of establishing permanent family structures or, as singles, wish to maintain a nomadic lifestyle.  Moreover, both groups seek a distinctive living experience that combines modern comforts with a sense of belonging.  HAVENS LIVING aims to fulfil this need by offering short to medium-term contracts that come with all necessary amenities and lifestyle comforts. Simultaneously, their goal is to foster a sense of community and belonging among their residents.

With one highly successful location already established in Hamburg and another two scheduled to open after Frankfurt, the HAVENS LIVING revolution is well underway. As evidenced by their thriving Hamburg location, the HAVENS team is fully aware of what it takes to create a successful coliving experience.


Luxurious Living Spaces

HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt isn’t just about where you sleep – it’s about where you thrive. Step into a world where comfort meets sophistication. The apartments offer a range of meticulously designed living spaces, providing professionals with a haven that balances style and functionality. The temporary accommodation options come in a variety of sizes, ranging from cosy studios to spacious apartments.  Because HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt understands that each individual is different and that where and how we live impacts our interactions with others.  They offer the opportunity to choose a mood or, rather, colour palette and interior design to suit each individual best.  Namely, Artist, Zen and Tech.

Prime Location in Bockenheim

HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt is situated in Bockenheim, a true melting pot of cultures and people coming together.  Additionally, Bockenheim allows quick and easy access to Frankfurt’s business hubs, cultural attractions, and recreational spots. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and charm, making your stay both productive and delightful.

Havens Living Frankfurt
Havens Living Frankfurt

State-of-the-Art Amenities

At HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt, we understand the importance of a seamless living experience. Our temporary accommodation comes equipped with modern amenities to make your stay enjoyable and stress-free. High-speed Wi-Fi, fully-equipped kitchens with dishwashers and coffee machines, along with contemporary furnishings throughout the apartments.  Furthermore, you can expect to find Bose speakers, a Smart TV, a laptop-friendly workspace and central heating.  Finally, you can furthermore customise your apartment with additional add ons should you wish!

Tailored for People on the Move

HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt recognises the unique needs of travellers and professionals on short to medium-term assignments. As a result, the space is designed to provide a haven that fosters productivity and relaxation. Whether you’re a traveller, consultant, or on a short-term project, our accommodations are tailored to meet the demands of your dynamic lifestyle.  The communal space features a coffee lounge, gym, cookery,  co-working areas, and a roof terrace. Unquestionably saving you time and effort and allowing you to focus on what’s important.


Good to know:
  • This temporary accommodation is best suited for individuals and couples
  • Letting terms are  3 – 12 months
  • Whilst the official opening date is May 2024, it is possible to organise viewings from April
  • Find out more about HLF here