Handmade objects for everyday living

Indian Goods Company is more than just a business – it’s a feeling, it’s warmth and hospitality and of course it’s beautiful things.  Ultimately it’s exquisite handmade objects for everyday living curated with love and care!

If you meet Vatsala then you will absolutely understand what I mean. Her smile draws you in and her charm keeps you there. Notably on the day we meet for the photo shoot, a tiny ball of fluff greets us at the door and clumsily tumbles across our naked feet. Mizu is a three week old tiny rescue kitten who had been abandoned by its mother when Vatsala adopted her on a trip to France. As a result of this tiny distraction, the glorious aroma wafting from the kitchen was secondary in catching our attention. Of course, in her humble words she simply threw something together, what appeared was a courgette quiche worthy to be photographed (and so we did). Vatsala also has an amazing eye for interiors and this is showcased through out her beautifully curated home and store. 

She puts the same warmth, kindness and attention into her business as the people she meets. Creating a cliche of India is something so often done in the West and it’s this very cliche that drives her on, the need to showcase her homeland the way she knows it. Showcasing the diversity, the ingenuity, the evolution and the amalgamation of where the old world and new contemporary one meet. 

‘Made by people, not factories’

With this in mind she hopes to empower young designers and support small businesses whom she believes are trying to do their bit whilst earning a honest living.  As a result, the supply chain and source of materials and production are paramount to the values that Indian Goods Company stands for.  You will not find mass produced products that lack heart. Instead, they limit themselves to small batches with one of a kind often being their speciality.

What to expect

Fashion, food and skincare.

Firstly, the fashion aspect focuses on hand-spun, eco-friendly fibres like cotton and silk. You’ll of course find block prints and bright colours but she does not limit herself to this.  Light airy pieces that are vital for surviving the Indian heat.  It may surprise you, but the North of India is not immune to very cold winters, the beautiful scarves sourced from Jaipur are an absolute must!

Secondly, the small food section is dominated by chocolate!  What’s not to love??

Finally, the skincare. In today’s world our beauty products are so littered with chemicals and things that shouldn’t be on our shelves never mind our skins!  Indian Goods stocks a range of natural products with an Ayurvedic twist.  Ayurveda, is an ancient holistic healing system given to the world by the Indian subcontinent.  Nothing quite like an Ayurvedic Retreat in India!!

Read our interview with Vatsala here.


Mer Store
Jahnstrasse 60—62
60322 Frankfurt am Main


Wednesday – Friday, 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, 11am – 6pm
Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, Closed

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