Without a doubt coffee, aperitifs, shared working space, bike service station, shop and kitchen club is not not your usual mix, but it works!  Well it works at Massif Central that is!

The Story

Massif Central is brought to life by Florian Jöckel and his his co-founders Sven Seipp and Jule Parulewski.  A passion for cycling, football and creating a sense of community for all walks of life is the foundation that Massif Central is built on!!  To demonstrate you need only notice the cycling paraphernalia that hangs from every possible nail or hook, the homage to tour de France and Eintracht Frankurt and a space that truly welcomes you in!

The Vibe

So think, New York meat packing district meets Frankfurt!!  Unquestionably the creative energy running through the converted old printing press warehouse is palpable even before you set foot within its walls!  The enormous mural that adorns the outside face of the building is only the first “small” hint as to what lies inside.  (Also I might add its particularly impactful against a luminous and bright blue sky!). Move inside and you have 4 floors which are perfect mix of polished and ‘rough edges’, retro and visionary.

The Layout

Ground Floor

Deli. cafe, bar, pop up and kiosk and bike service station and shop.  If you lucky enough you’ll catch Dimi behind the counter!  Not only does he have the most infectious laugh but he literally is the “muscle” behind the gastronomy and makes coffee just the way I like it!  Having spent years travelling the world and working in fine dining he definitely earned his stripes!!  So, pop round to the Deli and taste the tasty vegan dips he rustles up and the delicious salads and sandwiches that he has on offer!  If however you are looking for something a little more specific and for an occasion or event he can also create a delicious menu for around 20 people in a private atmosphere.

First Floor

AMTRAQ Distribution – men’s and women’s clothing and accessory distribution agency.  Seriously even if you don’t buy anything just wander around in the incredible space!

2nd Floor

Shared working space.  Unfortunately it’s not a free for all…sigh

3rd Floor

Clearly it has to be another creative space, right?  Absolutely!  An interior design company and workspace!

The bike service station and shop

In addition to usual cafe offerings Massif Central offers you the opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone!  First and foremost you  can satisfy the caffeine urge when it calls but not only that you can totally get your bicycle tweaked and oiled (ok we simplifying here) by Thomas Reviol!

So, whilst your bikes in the trusty hands of Thomas, kick back grab a pint and relax!

Eschersheimer Landstrasse 28
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Winter opening hours
Lunch Only :
Mon – Wed  11.30am – 2.30pm

Lunch + Open Bar :
Thu – Sat 11.30am – 10pm
Bread – Salad – Soup
Wednesday Soup- “Chili Day” (“con” & “sin” carne)

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook