One of the things I do so miss about India is the exuberance & colour that dominated their festivals – nothing was too much when celebrating, it was either go big or go home!  I went down to Konstablerwache on Saturday and Sunday & let me tell you the CSD parade and celebration was all about exuberance, colour and embracing who you are….!

Of course what is now allowed to be celebrated was as a result of a very dark event 50 years ago, the Stonewall riots on Christopher Street in New York – a marginalised group of society pushed too far, so, no longer willing to be pushed it erupted and ended in violence. Of course society has come a long way since then but my my it still has a long way to go!

Over the week end over 5000 participants peacefully walked the streets, the procession began in Römerberg square (with an address from the mayor) before snaking its way round much of the inner city.  What really struck me was the number young people (I’m referring here to those younger than 20)that were participating –  young people who are allowed to embrace & celebrate who they are, and, for those still figuring it all out allowed to explore without prejudice (well for the most part, there are still unfortunately those who do!)

Partying & performances dominated the Konstablerwache over the weekend with plenty of flamboyant fashion statements, rainbow flags and smiles so many smiles, what a joy to be in and amongst it all! 

Of course it wasn’t all just about partying & there were plenty of Stands that lined Große Friedberger Straße offering resources, education & support for anyone needing them.  Regardless of sexual preference everyone needs a community & support! 

Clean up was also a bright colourful affair!!  Until next year auf wiedersen and HAPPY PRIDE!