LAZY. Frankfurt outdoor party is thrown by djs Weller, Yannick & Pedo. Located at Schwedlersee they have a great sound and play a wide range of music that they love!

When I was in the States this last summer I got a call from my husband saying, “hey I pulled a Kelly last night”. I was like, “what”? He said, “well I met some really nice people while drinking a beer with my work mates at Friedberger Platz and they mentioned going out to a party called LAZY in Schwedlersee”.

Let me pause here for a second and explain a few things. I’m the party-goer!  I always instigate a going-out session or hanging out with random people I’ve just met, not my husband, even though he’s always happy to go along. But in that moment he thought, what would Kelly do?  So he went out to Schwedlersee with people he just met.  He had a great time at his first LAZY. party. I was super proud. He raved about the setting and the music and said it was still kicking at 4am when he left.

Last month when friends were visiting from the States I got to experience my first LAZY. party. We went early, because well, we had a baby sitter.  We wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to really enjoy it. Luckily when it comes to our babysitter, my husband always goes home early to release her. I get to stay out. 🙂

It rained cats and dogs just before we arrived, so, it was wet! Luckily though the main area is covered. The party started out nice and easy, great atmosphere to sit and have a conversation. We had several drinks and then decided to hit an area with big tables where we could chat.  I think the chat got deep!  haha, but what a great setting to have a catch up.

We left around 12am to head home and at that time it was just starting to really kick off!!!!! My husband went on ahead and my friends and I stopped into DIE KLEINSTE disko DER WELT on the way home. Two awesome parties, right next to each other, on the same night, doesn’t get much better than that!  Perfection!


  • The next LAZY. party is next weekend!!!! LAZY Vol. 6 Save the Last Dance. Friday, 20th September, 8pm – 6am, get your tickets here


60314 Frankfurt

8pm – 6am, check their instagram and facebook page for more information

Additional info:   facebook | instagram