Perched where the Frankfurts Horizon almost touches the beginnings of the Taunus is Lohrpark.  Touted as Frankfurt’s highest park, it provides a unique view of the city Skyline, looking down (or more specifically across) as opposed to up.  Not only does this park offer wonderful views of the city however, it’s also an absolute delight in the Spring for Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt.

Picnic or Barbeque in Lohrpark

Lohrpark boasts stunning views of the Frankfurt Skyline and vast green spaces, making it the ideal spot for a family picnic or BBQ. However, please keep in mind that there are designated areas for barbecuing (Lohrpark BBQ map location).

Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt

Undoubtedly, Lohrpark is one of the most tranquil and gorgeous places to experience the Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt.  So as winter begins to fade and the smell of Spring begins to ride on the breeze, the magnificent Cherry Blossom takes centre stage, erupting in a symphony of colour in Lohrpark.  Like Cotton Candy on a stick, the trees line the park’s entrance, delicate petals of pink and white falling from the heavens like confetti.  Fading as quickly as they bloom, their brief existence inspires awe and wonder, signalling summer’s imminent arrival.


Viticulture has been practiced on Lohrberg’s sun-drenched slope for centuries and today, it is the last wine-growing area in Frankfurt with an area of 1.3 hectares.

Good to know:
  • Lohrpark has magnificent views of the Frankfurt Skyline
  • Easy parking, though on hot sunny days, it fills up quickly, so be early.  To clarify, the parking lot can be found at the Berger Weg park entrance.
  • Bus line 43, stop “Budge-Altenheim”, then about 10 minutes walk (uphill)
    Bus lines 30 and 69, stop “Heiligenstock”, then about 10 minutes walk (flat route)
  • There’s a great traditional German restaurant overlooking the park if you are not in the mood to cook called Lohrberg-Schänke
  • Finally, there is a kid’s playground in the direction of Klingenweg


60389 Frankfurt


Open 24 hours