Oben Restaurant and Skybar gives you a perfect view of Frankfurt’s unique and beautiful skyline as it sits perfectly nestled high up amongst the soaring rooftops.  With undeniably breathtaking views over the city and the vibrant Mediterranean colours and flavour it makes for a visual feast both on an off the plate.

The Story behind Oben Restaurant and Skybar

So whilst Oben may not feature the famous Urrechu calling card, Iñigo Urrechu’s philosophy and style is unmistakably stamped all over Oben Restaurant and Skybar!  Drawn to the German culture and cuisine this marks Urrechu’s first venture outside of Spain!

The Vibe

Iñigo Urrechu is famously quoted as saying ‘I don’t have restaurants, I have houses where I welcome friends’.  And having met Urrechu, his right hand man Javier Barros, and staff this very much rings true!  As they all not only seem to embrace this philosophy but embody it.  So, forget pretentious posturing and over priced food, instead find food that’s designed to be shared and created to connect!

Equally important as the staff are the ambience and setting!  As mentioned above, the view is absolutely phenomenal!  And with the floor to ceiling glass windows you can truly immerse yourself in it!  Now steal yourself away from the skyline and drink in the pop art that drips from the walls!  Without a doubt Nathali von Kretschtmann’s art works make for a worthy opponent battling for your attention.

The Menu

Of course as you would expect, the menu is Mediterranean inspired cuisine.  However, lest we forget we are in Frankfurt there are definite German ‘touches’ added to many of the dishes to remind us!  For instance a dash of Grüne Soße here and splash of Reisling there, however this never comes at the expense of balance!

Some dishes have a wonderful playfulness about them whilst others have a depth that you expect from a restaurant of this calibre.  Some of our favourite dishes were the Beetroot tartare as an appetiser.  Oh my goodness, this elevated beetroot to level I never thought possible the bitterness perfectly balanced with the richness from the avocado!  For main course, the beef fillet topped with grilled avo and vine tomatoes!  Admittedly I hold my hands up here, because if beef fillet on the menu, I rarely choose anything else!  Having said that, it was cooked to perfection with the vine cherry tomatoes serving as the perfect pop of deliciousness to cut through richness of the avocado!  Finally dessert, the Mango Cake!  Now, I am not a dessert person!  But this was quite literally a mouthful of sunshine with a twist of sour that left me considering another!

The Bar and Mixology

With Eddy O’Brien at the helm, the bar and restaurant is in very safe hands.  And the wine list and cocktail menu was developed as rigorously as the food menu!  So whether you are after a perfectly paired 3 course meal or cocktails overlooking the beautiful skyline Oben definitely delivers!

Good to know


Located in Meliá Frankfurt City
Senckenberganlage 13,
60325 Frankfurt am Main


Tuesday – Saturday:  6pm – 12am
Sunday & Monday:  Closed

Additional Info:      facebook | instagram