Have you perhaps wanted to experience the Oktoberfest but have yet to find the time to get to Munich?  Well, good news!! Now, you can do it without even heading to Munich.  Word has it that the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt has all the authentic aspects of the beer fest in Munich: traditional games, music and beer.  However, it’s a fraction of the size and perhaps slightly less debauchery (if this is what you’re after, I’m confident you can achieve it independently)

How and When did the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt Start?

Coming up close to 15 years ago now, the first Oktoberfest was held in 2007.  A joint venture between Kai Mann and Eddie Hausman saw the inaugural event to be a great success, and since then, have gone from strength to strength!

Where is it held and how big is the event?

The event has 60,000 attendees over a duration of just under 4 weeks.

This year:  September – 8 October 2023

Location: Deutsche Bank Park

Timing:  5.30pm – 12am

The location is easily accessible by public transport and should you choose to drive there are 2 parking lots.

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

What to expect at the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt?

Undoubtedly an enormous party albeit a far more intimate experience than you might find in Munich.  Predominantly, the arena is filled with a multitude of long wooden tables, each seating 12.  However, for those wanting a more ‘private party’ there are six boxes available that each cater for 40 guests.  The boxes are set slightly higher than the stages and offer an unobstructed view.

Each day will see the traditional Bayern game of Beer glass lifting takes place, which will culminate in the winners from each day competing on the final day for some incredible prizes.  For example, one-week skiing in Obertown or a holiday with Condor to the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, you can expect to have live music each day with the in-house The Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band playing traditional music.  Also, the incredibly popular band Jimi and the Weather Girls will be there to entertain like they always do.

Lastly, if you find yourself at a loose end in between pints, check out our Frankfurt Weekend Guide for other activities while you are here!

How to Book tickets?

Head over to the Frankfurter Oktoberfest website for more information for 2023 at beer fest tickets info.   

**As soon as the information for 2024 becomes available, we will update