Not many things beat a relaxed beer garden when the weather is glorious!!  Now, if beer and gardens aren’t your thing and you prefer your lightheadedness from free-flowing cocktails and the thin air 😜 high up on the rooftops!  Then, we have just the thing for you!  So, without further ado here is our list of great beer gardens for your visiting pleasure!!

BRAUSTIL – Beer garden

Locally brewed beer, you can’t get much better than that!  BrauStil, located on Oeder Weg, is a local brewery specialising in handcrafted beers from start to finish.

In particular, Braustil prides itself on producing top-notch, craft-style beers. With a focus on traditional brewing techniques and locally sourced ingredients, it’s no surprise that the brewery has developed a reputation for excellence in the industry. Also, their diverse beer selection includes lagers, ales, and seasonal brews, catering to a wide range of tastes. It’s a popular destination for beer enthusiasts and locals alike, eager to sample the best of Frankfurt’s craft beer scene. If you’re seeking authentic, locally brewed beer in the city, Braustil is a must-visit spot.

Opening Hours:

  • Tues-Friday:  4pm – 10pm
  • Sat:  12pm – 10pm
  • Sun:  2pm – 9pm

Good to know:


Lohrberg-Schänke is a popular beer garden located on Lohrberg Hill in Frankfurt. It offers stunning panoramic views of the city’s skyline, making it a picturesque spot for enjoying traditional German beers and local food.  If you’re after a tranquil and refreshing beer garden experience, look no further than this hidden gem in Frankfurt.

NIDDASTRAND – Beer garden

What an absolute little oasis (ok, minus the water 😬). Undoubtedly, though, the sand between your toes and the green polo fields across the way make up for the lack of sea!  Deck chairs, large umbrellas and a designated kids area mean that parents can sit back, relax and enjoy the beer on tap.  In case you are hungry, the ‘brot und wurtz’ coming off the BBQ keeps growling tummies at bay.  All in all, it makes for an outstanding day out!

Also, having mentioned the polo fields above, if you are interested in watching a game, check out Frankfurt Polo Club for their tournament timetable!

Lastly, be aware this spot is seasonal and only open in the Summer.

Opening Hours:

  • Daily 11am – 12am

Good to know:

  • Niddastrand website
  • It’s easily accessible when cycling along the Nidda River
  • A designated section in the sand for kids with plenty of sand toys available

NAIV – Beer garden

They specialise in craft beer!  And they have a bazillion to choose from!  Just kidding,  they have around 50 varieties from around the world and three in-house brews!  Without a doubt, there is a beer to satisfy most palettes, and if not well, there is always wine!

Also, there is an impressive list of tastings to choose from, such as beer and cheese (here we thought only cheese paired with wine ????), beer vs wine with cheese tasting, and whiskey and gin!  The list goes on and on and left our heads reeling at the sheer number of choices available to taste.  Undoubtedly, naiv tastings are anything but boring!

Not to be outdone by the impressive variety of beer ‘on tap’, the restaurant serves up a mean dish in a relaxed environment!

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Friday: 4pm–1am
  • Sat and Sun:  12pm–1am

Good to know:


On the Höchst bank of the Main lies this glorious little spot!  Nicknamed SMS by those who love it, you need only be there a few moments to be fully sold on why you stopped!  Once upon a time, the location served as the registration location for passing ships; now, it serves only to make you smile, enjoy the weather and place a suitable beverage in your hand!  The “Hessian Côte d’Azur”, as named by owners Frank Wellert and his wife Lizza, is helped along with large white umbrellas, deck chairs and chilled music playing from the speakers.

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Friday:  3pm – 10pm
  • Sat and Sun:  12pm – 10pm


I considered leaving Gerbermühle off the list because, as a result of COVID-19, they have closed the beer garden and instead extended their a la carte menu.  However, the location and setting are just fabulous and still well worth a visit in the relaxed garden setting!

Undoubtedly, it is still a perfect ‘pit stop’ for those taking a stroll or a cycle along the river main.  Indulge yourself in Frankfurt classics like ‘Appelwoi’ and ‚Handkäs‘ before continuing on your journey, or simply don’t, continue on your journey we mean.

Said to be the site where the fabled German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe met his Marianne and gave her his heart.  Set along the south side of the main river, it offers a different view of the skyline than you might be used to.

Opening Hours:

Daily 12:00 pm–5:00 pm
Daily 5:00 pm–10:00 pm

Good to know:

  • Gerbermühle website
  • The terraces during the summer months are sublime
  • there is parking onsite (60 spaces available)
BEER GARDENS and rooftop bars
Gerbermühle Hotel

So no need to wait for Oktoberfest to enjoy the brewing pleasures that Frankfurt has to offer!  Head out to the great outdoor locations and enjoy a nice cool pint!