Days pass so quickly in this thing called life and often the only thing we have to remind us of days gone by are our photographs!  Saying this, finding the right portrait photographer to photograph a special occasion (wedding or engagement) or capture your family portraits can be a daunting task.  With this in mind we’d absolutely recommend Nadine!  To find out a little more about who is behind the lens and how she likes to work, please take a read of her spotlight interview here.

What’s more we had the absolute pleasure of having Nadine take our photos back in 2018.  What a blast!  Now, as some of you may know Janice spends most of her time behind the camera and feels most comfortable there, so, for her to be comfortable in front of the camera is quite something!  We spent a morning walking the streets of Frankfurt feeling totally relaxed while Nadine worked her magic!!  She has a wonderful warmth about her and a wicked sense of humour, goodness we laughed that day!

In conclusion for your portrait photography needs give Nadine a call, she’ll be absolutely delighted to hear from you!

Good to know:

  • her favourite lens is the 50mm
  • you can also find her at Oständ (a collaborative pop up in Ostend)
  • to work with Nadine and for pricing details please contact her personally (details below)
  • for more in and around Ostend click here
  • for your street photography needs check out Iva Batistic

Additional Info:    website | instagram