And here we are it’s almost Christmas…again!!! Honestly, it’s hard to believe another year has flown by?!!! I was supposed to be heading home for a Christmas filled with sunshine, however, I will need to settle for a white Christmas instead.  So instead of filling my suitcase I’m now constantly filling my online shopping cart with potentially more than I need!!

As always, the goal of the TFE Christmas Gift Guide is to showcase as many local Frankfurt brands and stores as possible!  So, without further a do….let’s get inspired and shopping!


Where to get a cooked or ready prepared turkey?

So, whilst many may love to eat a roast turkey on Christmas, many may not have the time, inclination or large enough oven to cook one!  With this in mind here are a couple of places that do all (or almost all) the work for you.


  • Goose to go at Flemings Hotels – Do you want to organise a delicious goose dinner, without having to stand in the kitchen? Let us prepare one fresh for you! A crispy fried goose with red cabbage, potato dumplings, baked apples, goose gravy and two bottles of the perfect red wine to complement it. No time to pick it up yourself? Delivery can, on request, be arranged with a local taxi company. You settle up for the journey directly with the taxi driver. We cook – you enjoy!
  • Order online: Price for 4 people: €159

So we understand that some may still want a little credit in the kitchen, Golden Gans is the perfect compromise.  Aureus do all the insane prep worked needed to put on a traditional Christmas menu and all that is left for you is the cooking.

Also, we guessing the title caught your attention right?  So whilst this goose doesn’t actually lay golden eggs it will ‘lay’ perfectly on your Christmas table.

The Details

  • The Goldene Gans can be ordered now!
  • The box is available from November 11th up to and including December 23rd
  • The golden aureus goose includes: 2 1/2 geese, grandma’s red cabbage, original Thühringer dumplings, goose jus, freshly baked Baumkuchen, a bottle of red wine and of course the sure-fire cooking instructions for home!
  • This bulging basket comes to you for 169 euros
  • And finally the designed basket is reusable!

How to Order

  • Tel: 069 795 33 979
  • email:  [email protected].
  • Pick up:  Restaurant Tagesbar, Tuesday – Saturday from 17:00-18:00

For a fuss free Christmas Lunch/Dinner out

So it’s safe to say that many of us have spent countless more hours at home than we might normally!  And of course, through no choice of our own!  Now perhaps that sways you more towards putting on your Sunday or Christmas best and heading out!  Moreover, having someone else do not only the cooking but the serving and cleaning too is win in our books.  Leaving you with nothing other than to pick up your perfectly crisp white napkin and dab the corners of your mouth!  Oh and the bill, pick up the bill!

To best honest we couldn’t think of a more perfect setting to have your Christmas meal then at Gerbermühle.  Almost gives that sense of your grandparents home where the decorations are traditionally on point and the food comforting and plentiful!  Also, in our books there is always a mandatory post Christmas lunch walk!  And here you can either wonder in the garden beneath the trees or take yourself along the Main and watch the passing ships!

Great Independent Stores for Christmas Gifts

Nothing like giving or receiving a gift that everyone and their dog have given or received too!  Of course, some people are born with the knack for buying imaginative and exciting presents for the rest of us mere mortals we may need a little guidance!

One thing that is for sure, here in Frankfurt there are more than a handful of wonderful independent stores with beautifully curated items ignite your Christmas fire and shopping!

Have your pick of anything from interiors to clothing to jewellery and fragrance.  Meike does an absolutely wonderful job of curating and finding things you didn’t even realise you needed, although let’s stay focused we shopping for others right!?  Find 2nd Home tucked away in the streets of Nordend…

When shopping at NOORD expect plenty ummming and aahhhing, tooooing and frooooing deciding which gift to go with!  Also, a plethora of stocking stuffers await to satisfy even the pickiest of gift candidates!

Let’s face it (ha see what I did there?) we all love a little something in our stockings to ‘fine tune’ our fine features!!  Lilith Beauty has products that literally make my hands twitch as I feel the urge to drop them all in my basket and rush home to slather them from head to toe!  Also, all the products are natural and organic!

For all those precious little humans in your life!!  It’s these precious little humans that create the magic around Christmas, the excitement, the joy, the Christmas lists that go on for days.  Truly, the potentially only draw back is the ungodly hour they wake you on Christmas morning and perhaps the dent in your wallet!

Sonny Lemon sparks joy in me just saying the name so you can imagine what happens inside their store.  Sonja leaves no stone unturned and will literally bend over backwards to ensure that you find whatever totally ‘rational’ gift request has found its way onto the Santa wish list!

Well the name says it all really, it’s for the men in your life! MEN Limited is specifically curated for men by a man which makes shopping for your significant other who has everything a little easier!  Perhaps this year you may not have to resort to socks 😉

If you have an affinity for Scandinavian brands, then MARIA’s is definitely the store for you!  Always artistic in her approach to the floor layout of the store, it’s almost and immersive gallery experience as you wander and shop!  Miriam has a love for Scandinavian designers and so this theme is definitely apparent as you browse.  However, even if this isn’t your cup of tea the store is still worth a visit with plenty else to choose from!

SPAZIO is filled with beautiful womenswear, knitwear, accessories and unusual gifts.  Always on point with the brands they stock it’s a must if not a high street shopper!  Also, a potential gift idea is wardrobe styling session with Inge Winterberg available at home or via Zoom.

At Style Definery, they strongly believe that unique, high quality fashion pieces deserve more than just one owner. We live in a time in which it is more important than ever to think about the issues of the environment and sustainability – and what could be more sustainable than buying something that already exists?

Style Definery was founded in 2019 by Anja Murjahn, a journalist and blogger whose love of fashion has accompanied her through all phases of her life. She firmly believes that fashion and luxury can be both fun and “politically correct”.

SinnGut offers design objects, home accessories, lights, art and more that have one thing in common: high standards of design and the quality of the products. They are always looking for new, charming and innovative products. At SinnGut you will find high quality items with a traceable manufacturing process and sustainability at the heart of each product. Many of their products are handcrafted or manufactured in small batches.

Support LOCAL brands

We can all get by with a little help from our friends!  And nothing could be more true for local entrepreneurs and businesses owners.  So, before you clink on your habit induced clicks for brands on far off shores perhaps check out some of these great brands that are literally on your doorstep!  As they say, charity begins at home…

Capitana transforms the wonderful flair of Italy into a luxurious accessory collection. The Frankfurt designer and founder, Nathali Mack, creates her exclusive shawls for people who love individuality and style.

VON KRONBERG stands for sustainable, high-quality jewelry and continues the centuries-old tradition of the Moosbrugger family. Our values are based on timeless design, the promotion of local and sustainable resources and the highest quality standards.

AMAROO mats is a yoga brand dedicated to eco mats. Each mat is based on real paintings created by self-taught artist Solveig, the founder of English Yoga Meetup. “AMAROO” is an Aboriginal term that means “beautiful place”. It was in Australia that the artist’s love for outdoor yoga began.

The AMAROO concept was inspired by the movements of yoga flows as well as beautiful places from all around the world. And, by using the fluid pouring technique, the artist creates this sense of fluidity and beauty as the acrylic colours flow onto and across the canvas.

Handmade in Königstein im Taunus!  Expect to find bright colourful accessories and pieces.  All’s designs, patterns and cuts are created in the studio of designer Juliane Kowalt in Königstein im Taunus.  Every single piece of the collection is personally check by her before making it’s way on to you the customer.  Also good to know, Albert’s Bird set themselves the goal of promoting local production facilities!  And it is for this reason that they only use manufacturers based in Germany.

For all our eco warriors out there, Wildwax is a phenomenal, inventive and sustainable product for storing and saving food.  The organic handmade beeswax towels allow your food to stay fresh longer and it’s free from any plastics!

Every woman and/or man needs a fabulous leather bag to not only make a statement, but to keep all your essentials in!  Early represents the love for beautifully designed and handcrafted leather accessories that embrace ecological and ethical awareness.

Cashmere, tell me who doesn’t love cashmere!!  And even more to the point who doesn’t love cashmere that can be put in the washing machine!!??  Enter Christin Fabian where all your cashmere dreams come true!!

The all important Christmas Cocktail

So, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a good old Christmas cocktail.  If you anything like me I’m no mixologist but that doesn’t stop me trying!  Here are a few great spirit brands that care of that all important festive drink.  Also, we thought you may need a little inspiration so we we added a few recipes for you below.

Quarantini how good is this name??

Quarantini/Social Dry Gin was initially created in April 2020 to support the struggling gastronomy and retail sector in Frankfurt.  Within a year and a half they raised over € 175,000 and successfully fulfilled what they set out to achieve.  As things slowly recovered in the retail and gastronomy sector Quarantini set their sights on a new project and purpose.  And, they now with every bottle sold provide one person in a developing country with drinking water for a year.

Plenty of Gins to choose from definitely check out their black gin , our feeling is that it gives a distinct edge to your gift!  We love it!

I mean it’s the perfect party trick!  The gin changes colour as you pour the tonic and depending on how much you add will determine the colour you land up with…MAGIC!

Tinte Gin is a  classically dry gin with aromatics spanning from across the globe. Tinte Gin is a product of Edelranz from Mainz, Germany. They believe in creating great spirits!

Need an Elixir for every occasion?? Dr. Jaglas have you covered.  Whether you golfing, feeling festive or just need an Apéro\Digestif they have what you need.  One might even consider them a ‘Tonic’ and who in present circumstances doesn’t need a tonic!

The Christmas Tree and where to buy one?

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how festive you make our lives!  But dear oh dear how taxing you are on the perfectionists in this world who nearly have an aneurism decorating you!  We’ve put together a list of a few places in and around Frankfurt where you can buy, rent or cut your tree!  Also, what we simply love is the courtesy Glüwein that you sip while making that all import decision!!


Christmas Markets / Weihnachtsmarkt

Well the build to Christmas just isn’t complete unless you made your way to a Weihnachtsmarkt!!  Undoubtedly a wonderfully festive experience with plenty to eat, drink and be merry about!  Of course last year was a complete shutdown and so support all those that brave the cold to bring you so much of what makes up our traditions!  Here a Christmas market list to start you off if you not sure where to begin!