On a quiet corner in Sachsenhausen now sits Retablo Speciality Coffee, an absolute oasis for any speciality coffee seeker!

We visit during the soft opening only a few short days after the doors open for business.  And, already, there is a steady and continuous flow of eager coffee seekers waiting to be delighted and caffeinated by Tills charms and coffee.

The Story behind Retablo Coffee

In our opinion, a quote by seventeenth-century English author John Donne sums up the Retablo Speciality Coffee story beautifully.

‘No man is an island, entire of itself.’

Till Benner is the face and heart behind Retablo Speciality Coffee!  Without a doubt, this speciality coffee shop dream was his first!  However, many hands helped make his dream a reality!  From angel investors to landlords sent by the ‘gods’ and friends who flock to support him, it was a collective effort.  And whilst he may appear to stand behind the coffee bar alone, he most certainly is not alone in his journey!

What’s behind the name?

’Retablo’ comes from the Latin retro-tabula, meaning “behind the altar”.  And Till, together with the architects, felt that the already existing archers and shapes within the build made this a fitting name!  And at the risk of sounding blasphemous, we couldn’t think of a more perfect ‘substance’ to ‘worship’.

The Vibe

Simplicity, Innovative design and Quality lie at the heart of the cafe.

Retablo Speciality Coffee embraces strong core values aiming not only to serve its new local community but also to help it flourish!   The attention to detail is admirable, from the selection of local coffee roasteries to the thoughtful consideration of what opening hours would best serve the community.

Upstairs is very cleverly designed by architects Aberja to maximise the space entirely.  Firstly, gorgeous high ceilings create a feeling of space, allowing the large windows to flood the upper area with natural light!  Secondly, to boost seating options, one wall plays host to ‘grandstand’ seating, albeit with only two rows; it serves its purpose beautifully!  Thirdly, and we think it’s genius!  Small tables sit on running gears (think sliding doors), allowing them to slide side to side and adjust to your party size!  Last but definitely not least!  The semi-circle coffee bar design creates additional standing space, allowing customers to congregate a little longer than they might at a traditional, narrow, elongated coffee bar.

Furthermore, the granite countertop wooden floor and overall muted colour palette are punctuated with bright pops of canary yellow, adding the perfect amount of playfulness to the overall look!

Moving downstairs, the space is being converted into an event space, so stay tuned for more information on this!

Last but definitely not least, THE COFFEE

Till is no stranger to the coffee world!  Having been fully immersed in the coffee industry for the past ten years, Till has experience and then some!  He also has a clear vision of how he hopes to showcase not just one or two local German coffee roasteries but as many as he feels fit with his concept.

What can you ALWAYS expect to find at Retablo?

Well, you can always expect to find a DARK ROAST and a LIGHT ROAST along with a particular profile.

What can you expect NOT to find at Retablo?

A static lineup of German Coffee Roasteries!  For the most part, Till aims to have a ‘shake up’ every 6-8 weeks, showcasing different coffee roasteries from all across Germany!  And we say bring it on!

Good to know:
  • Want an inside scoop?  The speciality is not on the menu!  Ristretto with milk 😉
  • Fancy a glass of wine or beer?  That’s on the menu too!
  • Easy parking at Parkhaus Alt-Sachsenhausen

Schifferstraße 12
60594 Frankfurt am Main,


Sunday and Monday:  closed
Tuesday – Friday:  8am – 4pm
Saturday:  10am – 6pm

Additional Info:  website | instagram