Boston Education is an organisation that specialises in using STEAM activities to teach kids robotics and coding in Frankfurt.  I meet their CEO, Maja Vuksic, one Friday afternoon under the pergola at Cafe Croquant.  Admittedly I’m a little nervous to sit down and discuss Robotics and Coding I’m more a bang it till it works kinda girl, just kidding!

Two things strike me, her incredibly firm handshake when we meet (love it!) and as we chat her understated brilliance!  Having studied Physics and Neuroscience at Harvard and Columbia, she is nobodies fool!  But more than that, she doesn’t make me feel foolish as I ogle and have my jaw drop on more than one occasion as she talks!

So, if you going to put your precious humans under the tutorage and guidance of anyone I will shamelessly scream her name!

About Boston Education

Foundered in 2016 as a response to seeing a gap in the market to use STEAM fundamentals to enhance kids education.  Not only are extracurricular activities important for kids to have have fun and develop new skills, it fundamentally important in securing your child’s future.  In order for the next generation to succeed later in life we need to understand now that school and grades are only one part of a very complex and competitive puzzle.

Boston Education seeks to help parents seamlessly integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in a fun and engaging way.  Turning parents ‘online gaming war’ as tool to now draw them in and learn.  Thus they have the carrot but we don’t need to use the stick!

What STEAM activity classes and courses do they offer?

In short Boston Education offers 3D Computer Game Design, Robotics and Coding.  These courses are offered as an extracurricular activity at various campuses in and around Frankfurt.  Furthermore, they offer holiday camps where kids can either dip their toe or sink their teeth into these STEAM activities.

Not only do kids learn how to code and build a game or robot but they must design and create their characters using art!  With enthusiastic teachers to guide and encourage them along the way our next generation will be smiling!

Where can you find a Boston Education class?

As previously mentioned, the robotics and coding classes are offered at various campuses and international schools in and around Frankfurt.

  1. IBMS School
  2. International School Frankfurt
  3. FIS
  4. Metropolitan School Frankfurt
  5. Anna-Schmidt Schule (registrations are open to all students ie students outside of Anna-Schmit)

Furthermore, Boston Education classes can be found in other German Cities namely:

  1. BilinGO campus (Cologne)
  2. Jules Verne Campus (Munich)

STEAM Easter Camps for April 2023

If you are looking to entertain your little humans (or rather have others entertain them for you) then look no further.  Now, as a parent myself I know what you thinking!!  All day ‘in front’ of screen at Easter??  Well this camp is turning ‘screen time’ on it’s head!!  Firstly, it’s completely outside!  Yes you read that correctly, the kids are taught outside in the fresh air (weather dependant of course).  And secondly, they learn whilst playing.

These camps are best suited for two groups of students: ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 14. 

What will the kids learn:

  • Learn the basics of mechanics electronics and coding
  • Learn how to create, outline, and finally, program computer games
  • Learn the depths of programming in Scratch and Alice
  • Learn problem solving with Python and Godot
  • All required material is provided by Boston Education

Camp Details are as follows:

  1. Where:  Anna-Schmidt Schule City campus.
  2. When:  Camps are weekly with the first week beginning April 3rd and the last week beginning April 17th
  3. Time:  9:30am – 3:30pm
  4. Snacks provided but please pack midday snack box

Also be quick to avoid disappointment – book Easter Camp here now.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Summer Camps for July/August 2023


Niedernhausener Strasse 13
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Additional Info:    Boston Education website