This gloriously quaint cafe is tucked away on one of the cobbled streets of Hofheim.  Sofia’s cafe is an absolute delight for the imagination!

The Story of Sofia’s Cafe

Sofia’s Cafe is not just a clever name; it is, in fact, the owner’s namesake. And as the story goes, Sofia’s began as a passion and love for cooking and baking and transformed into two very successful cafes!  One in Königstein is currently seeing a revamp and menu overhaul and will be fresh and new in April.  And another in Hofheim resulted from a serendipitous coming together of like-hearted people.  You see, Sofia is a collector, a collector of items from a bygone era!  And, it was finally in Hofheim that she could fully realise her vision to bring together her passion for baking and cooking and her love for antiques!

The Vibe

Chandeliers descend from the ceilings, tapestries hang from the walls, and the bell tinkles each time a new customer opens the door.  Finely painted tea cup towers greet you from the far wall as you enter, and rest assured, so will Sofia if she isn’t predisposed.  Once inside, feel free to tuck yourself away either upstairs or downstairs or otherwise settle in on the main landing and soak in the hustle and bustle as people come and go.  Also, large exposed wooden beams and brick walls add to the feel.  Finally, an emerald green alcove adorned with gilded gold frame mirrors and a basin with copper faucet serves as the powder room, making your ‘visit’ all the more enjoyable.

The Menu

There is plenty of deliciousness on the menu, ranging from sublimely sweet to stupendously savoury.  The teacup towers that stack along the wall are not just for show but the vessels that you sip the fairly extensive tea list.  Also, the Korean influence shines through in many of the dishes, for example, the bulgogi panini and salad.  However, we cannot talk about Sofia’s without talking about the cakes and, in particular, the carrot cake, perfectly moist, nicely balanced and with the perfect amount of creamy icing!


Burgstraße 7

65719 Hofheim am Taunus


Wednesday – Saturday:  10am – 5:30pm
Sunday: 11:30am – 17:30pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram