Homesick??  For all of us corona has impacted our lives dramatically!  And for some of us that are not living near “home” that impact has been coupled with severe bouts of homesickness.  The kind of homesickness that comes from not only the fact that many of your loved ones are far away but also the kind that comes from the knowledge that you unequivocally are unable to travel to see them!

Of course being homesick is no excuse to crawl in a ball and be miserable (forever). We also don’t associate being homesick with being a negative thing. It means you long for a sense of comfort, and comfort, especially in these times of uncertainty is priceless. Whether you are an international living here in Frankfurt or a German that has moved from another city or perhaps you’ve always lived Here, honestly it does not matter, we all have places here in Frankfurt that remind us of home. It could be a smell, a place, a sound or just a feeling.

With this in mind, we have come together with an amazing brand Dreilettercode (read her poignant interview) to take you on a journey through Frankfurt to find “places that feel like home”. Some are obvious, others not so much!  Also, please allow yourself to fully indulge your imagination.

We also are so excited to be running a competition with Dreilettercode to win one of her 925 silver chain bracelets over on our instagram. To find out all the details head here.


Miami Marina:  Westhafen Pier

Lesser known than its famous cousin, Osthafen, Westhafen is a quieter piece of riverside delight! It’s like running along side the marina in Miami with the super boats we dream about along with the very cool flats. All it’s missing is the beach and the sound of the waves. There are a few places to grab a bite to eat or get a drink. We also recommended taking a stroll along the railway bridge, it’s fantastic (if you like that kind of thing!)

China: Bethmannpark

Located just off Berger Straße, this hidden beauty is perfect for a nice little stroll all year round. We recommended popping into Mellow Yellow for a takeaway coffee and then heading over to this gem. Just outside the China Gardens you will find all sorts of wild flowers, roses and little paths to walk along. If you’re up for doing a little reading then we recommend finding yourself a bench to perch on.

Inside the Chinese gardens are Koi fish, statues, waterfalls and beautiful little paths to walk on. It’s a little Chinese paradise. Ok take this with a pinch of salt as neither of us has actually been to mainland China!

Barcelona: Hafenpark

Barcelona is the skateboarding capital of the world!  For a taste of this, head across any morning of the weekend and watch as many ply their trade and risk their limbs! Right next to the ECB, you can enjoy a coffee from Oosten, art from Kunstverein Familie Montez, a walk along the river and some good old people watching.

Italy:  Gelato

Nothing says Italy like Gelato and there’s plenty of that here in Frankfurt. For the best ice spots here in Frankfurt, take a read of our favourite Ice cream spots in the city.

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Namaqualand:  Palmengarten

Homesick, well Palmengarten is like a whole heap of therapy for the bargain price of €7. You nuts not to try it!! Honestly, there is beauty and peace to be found all year round, each season brings you something different than the others! 


  • The wildflowers that flood the Atacama Desert in Chile every 5-7 years
  • Or the Namaqualand wildflowers
  • The famous Mexican cacti
  • Rainforests in Brazil
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Good to know:

  • over the coming weeks we will be featuring different individuals who will be sharing their ‘homesick anecdotes ’ along with all the things that bring them comfort whilst living away from home.
  • Feel free to email us and share any of your homesick
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