So it’s safe to say that I have never considered myself a cold weather person!  And in fact, the mere thought of the cold sent me straight back under the covers!  Now this was all well and good while living in India, where we lived, rarely dropped below 20 degrees!  However, after moving to Germany I needed to make a choice, either embrace the cold or be miserable for all eternity!!  Honestly for a while I chose the latter 😂.  Anyway my own misery eventually bugged the hell out of me so I figured I’d have to try something else!  As a result I decided to find things to do in and around Frankfurt during Autumn and Winter!

How I overcame my hate for cold weather

Well let me just begin by saying that I’ll still choose the heat over the cold but I’ve come to appreciate that the cold offers something that the heat doesn’t!

Ok so, I kept meeting Germans and each time we would have this conversation they’d all say the same thing!  It went something like this.  ‘In Germany we have a saying that there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing’.  I would nod politely and think ‘well thanks for that’.  However, after perhaps the millionth time of hearing this I kinda thought maybe there’s something to it?  And yes, there is, and it’s obvious!  Dress correctly and being outside in the cold is absolutely exhilarating!  Down below I will post my list of ‘Must Have’ clothing for the different activities!

Winter activities in and around Frankfurt


A much loved activity in the Autumn months here in Germany.  And with the extraordinary colours, forests and green areas around it’s no wonder.  Also, there’s no need to stop when the cold hits because it’s just as glorious in the snow provided you dressed appropriately of course!

Walk 1

Sachsenhausen Stadtwald

Walk 2

Großer Feldberg (Taunus)

  • Drive time from Frankfurt
    • 26km/35min
  • Park at Schardtwald Parkplatz
  • Lips-Tempel is great look out point to view the valley and Taurus below
  • Fuchstanz – makes a great spot to have some lunch, a coffee or glüwein before you head back down the mountain to your car.

Walk 3


  • Drive time from Frankfurt
    • 39km/40min
  • Park at Spielplatz Am Sportfeld Neu-Anspach
  • Find all the animal figurines in the forest
  • Route goes in a circle, it’s 4.3 km long. It’s easy to walk with a stroller, mostly flat and partly runs through the forest.
  • Seating is available for picnics and relaxation.

Snow Activities

There is definitely something magical about watching the snow fall!  Catching a cold snowflake on your tongue or hearing the crunch below your feet as you walk through the icy powder is both exhilarating and childlike in its simplicity!

Sledding 1


Sledding 2

Großer Feldberg (Taunus)

      • Drive time from Frankfurt
        • 26km/35min
      • More “off piste” take your sled and find a spot we don’t recommend this for beginners
      • Fuchstanz
      • Parking: Applauskurve, Parkplatz Hohemark

Skiing 2

SKILIFT Oberreifenberg

  • Drive time from Frankfurt
    • 26km/35min
  • Small Ski lift
  • Opening on Sat and Sunday
  • Cash only

Feldberg Schwarzwald

  • Drive time from Frankfurt
  • 3 hr 48 min (314 km


So many of you may be thinking “biking is not a winter activity” and up until a few months ago I would have completely agreed!  However, what I have now learned, if you pick and choose your days, it’s awesome!  To clarify, I don’t recommend cycling in a blizzard or when it’s very (icy) particularly with children!  The rain and sleet definitely stings the eyes!  However, the more you get out and do these activities the easier it gets (trust me I know I literally used to wish I was a bear so I could hibernate!).  Also, the key to doing any of these activities (particularly with children) is to have pit stops and things to look forward to along the way!

winter activities

Easy Route

Destinations along the Nidda River

  • Cycle time Höchst to Bonames
    • 52 min (15.8 km)
  • Bonames Alt Airport
  • Schwanheimer Dünen
  • Taking a Picnic is recommended

Easy Route

Destinations along the Main River

  • Cycle time Höchst to Oosten
    • 41 min (12.9 km)
  • Römer (Old Town)
  • Beer Tasting at Naiv
  • Oosten or Gerbermühle

Moderate Route

Glaabsbräu Brewery

  • Ride Time from city centre
    • 1 hr 41 min (32.7 km)- one way
    • follow the Main and it’s reasonably flat
  • Classic brewing experience, every Friday at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 2:00 p.m.
  • € 15.00 per person (2G)

Indoor Winter Activities for when it's really miserable outside

Essential Clothing for Outdoor Winter Activities

Essential Clothing for Biking

  • Scarf to cover nose, mouth and ears
  • Coat and gloves
  • Shoe covers (helps keep feet warm)

Essential Clothing for Walking

  • Waterproof shoes with grip
  • Crampons if it’s icy
  • Coat that covers the knees
  • Scarf, hat and gloves

Essential Clothing for Kids

  • Winter boots with grip
  • Snow gear is brilliant even if it’s not snowing – keeps them warm and easy to clean
  • Layering is everything
  • Scarf, hat and gloves

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