So, unless you have been living under rock (and perhaps that’s best), you may have noticed expenses are rises left right and centre! And income rising??  Well not so much!  In an attempt to help lower the burden of the exorbitant increases for everyday living expense the government has brought in a €9 Ticket for Monthly Travel across Germany.

What is the €9 ticket?  And how long is it available for?

In short, the €9 ticket is a nationwide, monthly travel card.  And it allows travellers to use all means of local public transport for only €9 a month. It came into effect at the beginning June and is available for use during July and August.

Where is the 9 Euro Ticket Available for use?

The 9 Euro Ticket is valid on all public transport services in Germany.  Moreover, it’s valid on any local/regional route!  And you can make as many journeys as you like.   It is valid across all forms of public transport including buses, trams, underground trains as well as on commuter rail, regional trains and regional express trains in second class  Also worth noting, the ticket is valid for use all across the country regardless of where you purchased it.  For example, a 9-Euro-Ticket purchased in Frankfurt can also be used for journeys in Berlin and the surrounding area.

However, please be aware the ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. IC, EC or ICE) or long-distance buses.

Where to buy the €9 Travel Ticket

The ticket will be available via a number of channels namely:

  • online (RMV
  • apps (DB Navigator and RMV)
  • Local ticket desks at stations.
Using the RMV app (see images below)

When using the RMV app.  Firstly ensure that you have a destination selected.  Secondly, click ‘BUY SINGLE TICKET’  after which you will be directed to various departure times etc.  Thirdly, choose any departure time and select ‘RMV-TICKET from: 2,75€’.  Finally, you will be directed to the various ticket options, with one being ‘9-Euro-Ticket’ and you can NOW buy your travel ticket.

9 Euro Ticket for Local Travel

Things to remember when using €9 Travel Ticket

Please remember that on all local and long distance transport masks are still mandatory.  Thus, ensure you are prepared so as to avoid disappointment of being turned away at the door.