Amata coffee.  Experience “The Essence of Brazil” in Frankfurt.  If their tagline and promise of Brazilian coffee don’t excite you, perhaps the lure of finding authentic Açaí in Frankfurt will.  And with their unique story and friendly faces, you will surely not be disappointed when you visit.

The Story Behind Amata Coffee

3 Friends, 3 different backgrounds, 2 continents united by a single passion, COFFEE.

  1. Luis, the coffee farmer
  2. Niklas, the import/export guy
  3. Wolfram, the roaster

As someone who grew up in a developing country, I greatly admire Amata, their team and what they doing.  And what they are doing, is initiating what the world likes to call “The Ripple Effect”.  So, as you sit drinking your Amata coffee on the streets of Sachsenhausen, know the money you just spent on your morning cup is impacting and improving lives across the world in Brazil!

To clarify!  Their unique goal?  To simplify the process of tree to cup.  And the easiest way to do this?  Eliminate the middleman.  As a result of eliminating the middleman, they improve profits which are then directly reinvested into making the lives of those working in their local area and coffee industry better.  In particular, read more about their social projects below.

The Coffee Farms and Social Impact

Discover their Beloved Fazenda Pinheiro in Sao Jose do Rio Pardo, three hours from São Paulo.  In the past 7 years, they have not only become energy neutral.  But they have put themselves as well as neighbouring farms on the global coffee map. In addition to coffee cultivation, they have 98 hectares of natural reserves and devote 28 hectares to the Projeto Mata Atlantica. 

Projeto Mata Atlantica:  Enviromental Impact

Undoubtedly, this initiative is especially significant to them.  Because, it is through this project that they are actively involved in reforestation efforts.  More specifically, planting trees that are native to the Mata Atlantica forest.

Fazedores de Café Program:  Social Impact

A truly admirable project founded by Diego Gonzales in 2013.  Ultimately this project was created to provide free barista training to underprivileged youngsters.  For example, refugees, social minorities and those without the financial means to enter a technical course or higher education.

Amata Coffee through Ocafi, sponsors three students each quarter, as well as donating coffee to be used in the program.

The Vibe at Amata Coffee


Their initial cafe in Sachsenhausen is small and minimalistic, with a primary focus on presenting their unique coffee story. The second location on Berger Strasse, although a much larger space, has remained true to the owner’s minimalist approach. The interior is designed to enhance the experience of every sip and bite, allowing their coffee and acai to speak for themselves, as well as continue to tell their unique bean-to-cup story.

The Brazilian Coffee and Snacks

Without a doubt, Coffee aficionados around the world know what to expect from Brazilian java!  With its distinct flavours, versatility and high quality it’s hard to go wrong with it. 

Medium Roast Coffee

At Amata, you can expect to find medium-roast coffee.

Briefly, medium roast is characterized by a moderate level of roasting, which results in a balanced flavour profile. Also, it allows the beans to retain some of their inherent flavour and acidity whilst still showcasing roasted notes. Finally, it is well known for its versatility, which offers a well-rounded taste that appeals to a wide range of coffee drinkers. 

Ultimately, however, we all know what makes the coffee at Amata Coffee so unique!  Its commitment to others and social causes.

Brazilian Snacks

As well as Brazilian coffee and Brazilian açaí you’ll find some popular Brazilian snacks!  As of right now, Pão de Queijo is the only name I can remember!

Brazilian Açaí in Frankfurt

So unless you have been living under a rock, we assume that everyone has heard of açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee).  However, if you haven’t there is no judgement here!  Truth be told, I had never had açaí in the traditional Brazilian way until I visited Amata Coffee!  And consequently, I will never have it any other way!

So how is Amata’s traditional açaí made?  Well, to begin with, a pulp is created using the whole fruit/berries.  Next, they add mango, apple juice and a little cinnamon to taste.  Finally, the açaí is served using the same machine seen to serve Soft Serve or Soft Eis.

Last but certainly not least, Amata Coffee prides itself on sourcing the freshest Açai through a partner directly from the Amazon Rainforest.

Good to know

  • Card payments only
  • In addition to Acai, they have delicious Brazilian snacks on the menu
  • The second cafe has recently opened on Berger Strasse
  • More coffee inspiration

Wallstraße 26,
60594 Frankfurt am Main


Berger Str. 16,
60316 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday: Closed

Additional Info:    website | instagram