Oh how we love a bit of vintage.  Second hand clothing or rather ‘preloved’ has plenty going for it.  Firstly, it’s sustainable and cool! Secondly, no one is going to have your outfit. Also, did we mention that it’s usually affordable, well Vintage Revivals is anyway.

Who and Where to find Vintage Revivals, second hand clothing

Vintage Revivals is a contemporary German brand that specialises in second-hand clothing and accessories for both men and women. With a focus on sustainability, the brand breathes new life into old garments and creates new, trendy looks.

Located just off the very cool Brückenstrasse in Sachenhausen, Vintage Revivals is your go-to place for all things vintage. Without a doubt if you go in on a Saturday you find all the cool kids are there.  Also, you can usually expect to find a very international crowd.

Wallstraße 25
60594Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Saturday, 10am -8pm
Sunday, Closed

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