Dorita knows first hand what it means to have pilates change your life!  Unimaginably she underwent spinal fusion at age 15 and from that moment on, movement would never look the same for her!  However through Pilates she found not only a practice to manage her ‘spinal limitations’ but a way of life.  So, with this in mind you will find practicing Pilates with Dorita is incredibly challenging (no excuses) but with a sensitivity that not all instructors innately have.

Also, it’s worth noting Dorita is vivacious, full of energy and very punctual!

The Story behind Pilates with Dorita Vardikou

Dorita Vardikou was born in Greece and it was when she was 8 she was diagnosed with scoliosis of her spine.  As previously mentioned at age 15 Dorita underwent spinal fusion surgery.  Moreover it was during the incredibly challenging journey of rehabilitation that introduced her to the Pilates method.  Furthermore, it was the kindness of an incredible pilates teacher and mentor who never made her to feel any different to anyone else when she practiced that she discovered incredible benefits of Pilates.  Finally it was as a direct result of seeing the impact Pilates made to her life that she decided to take the plunge and train as a teacher herself!

Dorita completed her qualification with Body Control Pilates in London.

Online Pilates with Dorita

Dorita had a thriving Pilates practice in London before moving to Frankfurt in August 2019.  And it was as result of so many of her regular clients in London wanting to continue that she made the decision to offer online classes.  Coupled with the Pandemic this was a sound decision and saw her online classes soar even more in popularity!  As a result of how well the online classes were received she has continued to offer them.

What makes Dorita’s Online Pilates Unique?

Firstly, she offers them via Zoom so that she can see clients body positioning as much as possible and correct and cue.  Secondly, as a result of the interactive nature of the classes she keeps them small!  Thirdly, her classes have a wonderful flow aspect to them.  Each movement seamlessly flows into the next.  Meaning, you never lose yourself in a mindless and repetitive movement because the class is continuously ‘influx’.  Finally, should you for any reason miss a class she offers you the opportunity to catch up by sending you a recording!

Private Reformer Pilates Classes

So whilst a large portion of Dorita’s classes will be done online she does offer private one on one reformer classes.  Reformer pilates is fantastic for challenging the whole body whilst being gentle on the joint and building core strength and improving posture.

To find out more about the private reformer classes please drop Dorita a message directly through her website!

Good to know

  • Whilst she offers predominantly online courses she is available for private classes on request
  • Her mat classes have a wonderful ‘flow’ aspect to them keeping you mentally engaged throughout the class
  • Find Dorita’s price list here

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