Along with a rich historical heritage, thriving financial sector and bustling modern vibe, Frankfurt has one of the largest airports in Europe making it very accessible.  And with its iconic skyline, ancient cathedrals, historic squares and world-class museums, there is no shortage of things to see and do. So without further ado let us guide you through our top 10 things to do in Frankfurt. 

Explore Römer

Undoubtedly the first thing on our list of top 10 things to do in Frankfurt has to be Römer.  A historic square surrounded by colourful half-timbered buildings and home to the famous Frankfurt Christmas Market.

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

Also known as Frankfurt Cathedral or Kaiserdom.  A stunning Gothic-style cathedral located in the heart of the city’s old town.  Moreover, its breathtakingly intricate design, lavish stained glass windows, and towering spire give it a charm unique unto itself. And, if that’s not enough, head up the tower for a panoramic view of Frankfurt.

Top 10 things to do in Frankfurt

Take a stroll along the Main River

Pick up a coffee and enjoy the scenic views of the city and the river while walking along the riverbank.  In addition, the path is lined with parks, green spaces, and numerous cafes and restaurants, making it a great place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. 

Check out the Iconic Frankfurt Skyline

Admittedly, New Yorkers may have an opinion on this!  Nevertheless, locals have lovingly dubbed the Frankfurt skyline “Mainhattan” due to its resemblance to Manhattan in New York.  Now, just like there are many ways to skin a cat, there are different ways to see the skyline!

  1. Main Tower.  Unquestionably the go-to tourist option
  2. Lunch at Gerbermühle.  Set along the main river on the outskirts of Sachsenhausen this is probably one of our favourite ways to see the view.  As well as taking in the view you can indulge in some traditional German cuisine
  3. Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge).  Immerse yourself in the skyline as you take in the view from this bridge, a famous landmark in its own right. It features intricate ironwork and the tradition of “love locks.” To clarify, couples place padlocks on the bridge’s railings and throw the keys into the river as a symbol of their love and commitment.

Try traditional German cuisine

Heading up our list for food and drink in the Top 10 things to do in Frankfurt

  1. Famous Frankfurt Grüne Soße.  Without a doubt, a must-try when in Frankfurt!  This regional speciality is a green sauce served cold over hard-boiled eggs and boiled potatoes.  Briefly, it consists of sour cream and seven different herbs.  Namely, borage, chervil, cress, parsley, salad burnet, sorrel and chives
  2. Apple Wine aka Apfel Wine.  Another local ‘delicacy’!  And, a fun way to try it and see the city is to hop aboard the Ebbelwei-Express.
  3. Schnitzel and sausages.  Ultimately, German cuisine is nothing without its schnitzel, sausages
Top 10 things to do in Frankfurt
Things to do in Frankfurt

Look out for “Stolpersteine” across the city

Stolpersteine, which translates to “stumbling stones” in English, are small, brass-coloured plaques embedded in the sidewalks of various European cities, including Frankfurt. These plaques are part of a Holocaust memorial project created by German artist Gunter Demnig. Each Stolperstein commemorates an individual victim of the Holocaust, providing their name, birthdate, date of deportation, and often, the date of their death.

Weekend in Frankfurt

Alte Oper

The Alte Oper, or Old Opera House is a prominent concert venue with a rich cultural heritage. Built during the 19th century and later restored after World War II, this historic site serves as a symbol of the city’s history. The Alte Oper is renowned for its neoclassical architecture, including a grand facade and a majestic concert hall. It hosts a wide range of musical performances, including classical concerts, operas, and contemporary music events. 

Discover the Städel Museum

Absolutely, one of the most important art museums in Germany, featuring an extensive collection of European art. Let the Städel take you on a timeless artistic journey with art spanning over seven centuries.  More to the point, the Museum’s permanent exhibit, has art dating back to medieval times right up to the present day.

Visit the Palmengarten

A glorious green oasis right in the centre of the city!  Regardless of the season, Palmengarten has something to offer!  Originally established in 1869, this breathtaking garden is renowned for its diverse collection of flora, encompassing both indigenous and foreign species.  In addition to being a wonderful sanctuary for plant enthusiasts, it is fantastic entertainment for kids.  In addition to wonderful playgrounds, you can hop on the Palmengarten Express or row/paddle across the small lake in a boat watching the fish swim below the surface.

Visit the Börneplatz Memorial Site

The Börneplatz Memorial Site is a significant historical site in Frankfurt, Germany, dedicated to the memory of the Jewish community and victims of the Holocaust. The site is named after the renowned Jewish writer and poet Heinrich Heine, who was born in Düsseldorf but spent time in Frankfurt.  To sum up, Börneplatz Memorial is a poignant and thought-provoking destination for anyone interested in learning more about this dark chapter in human history.

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So there you have it!  If you’re interested in history, art, nature, or just shopping and good food Frankfurt has you covered!

Enjoy visiting our list of top 10 things to do in Frankfurt!  And don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms for more tips.