Not many things beat a rooftop bar when the sky is blue and the weather glorious!!  And if the cocktails don’t get you a little lightheaded then the thin air high up in the rooftops is sure to😜!  Another important aspect in our opinion for a  rooftop bar is a great view, the neighbours bedroom is just not going to cut it.  So, without further a do here are our list of great rooftop bars for your your visiting pleasure!!


NFT Skybar currently holds the title for highest rooftop bar in Germany!  And having to equalise your ears as you reach the 47th floor it’s impossible not to notice the change in altitude!  With an epic 360-degree view of Frankfurt it’s worth an visit even if only for the view.  Having said that, we highly recommend a sneaky cocktail because what’s a rooftop visit without something to toast it.  What’s more, NFT SKYBAR take cocktails to a whole new level!  With Artist David Zucker having created a collection of digital artworks inspired by the rooftop bar’s signature cocktails. 

The bar itself runs half the length of the room with the restaurant section wrapping around to one side creating an L shaped space.  Moving outside is an impressive wraparound terrace which is enclosed by (we’re guessing) 4+ meter high glass walls allowing you an almost immersive experience with the view.

Opening Hours:

Tues to Sat: 6pm – 1am

Good to know:
  • It’s situated in nhow Frankfurt a stone throw away from Skyline Plaza
NFT Skybar Frankfurt
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Oben Restaurant and Skybar gives you a view of Frankfurt’s unique and beautiful skyline. It sits perfectly nestled high up amongst the rooftops in Frankfurts Westend.  With vibrant Mediterranean colours and flavour it makes for a visual feast both on an off the plate.  Importantly and absolutely worth noting is that Oben forms part of the impressive portfolio of Iñigo Urrechu.

Opening Hours:

Tues to Sat:  6pm – 12am
Sun and Mon:  Closed

Good to know
Iñigo Urrechu Frankfurt Restaurant


Walking through the Konstabler parkhaus you may think you’ve been sent on some sort of wild goose chase!  However, I can assure you this is not the case!  Persevere, keep walking, and a piece of tropical magic in the centre of Frankfurt awaits you.  Undoubtedly it’s as though you’ve walked through a gateway portal into a parallel universe.

The rooftop bar is cleverly ‘divided’ into sections with each section providing something different. 2 pools (ok the term pool is used very loosely here as the water only goes as high as your knee) and giant pink flamingos lazily bob up and down as the breeze gently nudges them along. Blue and purple cushions flank the pool offering a comfortable seat as you sit and dip your toes into the aquamarine water, complete the idyllic scene with a cocktail!

If admiring the iconic Dom Romer is your pleasure, grab a deck chair, dig your toes deep into the white sand and watch as the clouds float by behind the gothic cathedral spire.

Hungry?  Move across to the table and chairs and peruse their food menu.

Opening Hours:
  • Mon to Thurs:  12pm – 11pm
  • Friday:  12pm – 12am
  • Sat:  11am – 12am
  • Sun:  11am – 11pm
Good to know:
  • City Beach website
  • As the entire site is outdoor their opening is weather dependent, thus, it’s prudent to check their website which gives you the latest before heading over


Perched high up above Alte Oper in the Sofitel hotel lies Lili’s bar!  The rooftop space is small, intimate and offers a phenomenal view particularly lovely as the sun sets!  However, it is a fairly small space so large groups of friends are perhaps better choosing form some of the larger rooftop bars.  Also, its prime real estate so be prepared to have the prices reflect this!

Opening Hours:

Daily:  12pm – 11pm

Good to know:


Nestled high up on the Gekko House rooftop lies Chicago Roof Rooftop Bar!  Decking and a large foliage wall are just some of the features helping create the gorgeous contrast against the Frankfurt skyline!  Whether you begin an evening with sundowners on the rooftop and then head down for some traditional American BBQ in Chicago Williams or vice versa is entirely up to you!  Also, feel free to skip dinner and just enjoy the rooftop vibes.

Opening Hours:
  • Mon to Friday:  5pm – 10pm
  • Sat and Sun:  2pm – 10pm
Good to know:


Bar Marmion is unlike your usual hotel bars which can often be sterile and lacking in personality!  Perched high up on the 5th floor of the Lindley Hotel the bar oozes old school glamour and charm.  A winding staircase take you up a level to the open rooftop where you look out across the city breath in the ‘Ostend’ vibes!  Furthermore, the bar is an extension of the two resident barmen/operators Malwin Hillier and Torsten Martini and thus you are guaranteed that night out here will always be anything but dull!  Best bit, if you up for an all nighter and literally want to fall into bed, book a room and your wish is Lindleys command!

Opening Hours:
  • Mon to Thurs:  5pm – 1am
  • Fri and Sat:  5pm – 2am
  • Sun:  Closed
Good to know:

So there you have it!  Plenty of options to get out and see Frankfurts gorgeous skyline from all sides.  And if you prefer your views closer to the ground then check out our favourite beer gardens in and around Frankfurt.