So my ‘home gym’ is one of the things that has been keeping me sane over the past few weeks whilst trying to survive corona lockdown!  By having a few basic tools I’m able to move between yoga and resistance training.  Also, when I say ‘home gym’ I do not refer to enormous contraptions that cost thousands of dollars and come with more iron than any human could hope to lift!

What you’ll need to create a basic home gym

With a few key items you will have a host of options available to you so you can exercise at home.  I’ve linked the basics below as a reference, but, please feel free to choose any brand or price range that suits you.

resistance training
resistance training

Home Gym equipment explained

  • A mat – a slip proof surface is incredibly important for protecting the integrity of our joints
  • Bands:  a range of bands provide a great foundation for resistance training.  Bands are also fantastic option when you want to travel as they weigh very little and you can pop them in your suitcase.
    • loop bands – great for abduction and adduction work
    • Blackroll super bands – squats, deadlifts, upper body work, plyometrics, you name it and you can adapt almost any weight oriented exercise to use bands instead
  • Sliders – intensify any workout and are fantastic for core work
  • Rollers – self care is incredibly important and often over looked.

Before you begin exercising:

  • please consult your doctor that it is safe for you to do so.
  • always warm up

Good to know:

  • each Wednesday I’ll post a workout to demonstrate and inspire you with the above mentioned equipment.
  • I will do a mix of yoga and resistance training
  • for additional cardio add in a few Sun Salutations

Finally, have fun and enjoy exercising at home!