We all aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging for well over a year now!  However, under the surface another is silently brewing, a mental health pandemic.  A collective mental vulnerability is growing while we all focus on the virus that ravages the body.  For those of us living in foreign countries with a foreign language finding the right help is difficult.  In this article we try to provide some resources and direction for finding English speaking therapists and services.

Virtual vs in person Therapy

There’s a great book by Ryan Holiday called ‘The Obstacle is the Way’.  The book talks about how to turn adversity to advantage.  And perhaps the positive in this pandemic is that finding an English speaking therapist just went global, meaning your therapist doesn’t need to be local.  Having said that, some people might be more comfortable with in person therapy and that’s ok.

Frankfurt English speaking KIDS therapist

Unfortunately and we are seeing more and more how stressed and anxious our younger generations are.  In particular, our young kids of today.  And as a parent this can not only be overwhelming but a completely confusing time when trying to find to find help in your native language.  Thankfully, The Inspired Project is there to help!  Moriah-Jane Lorentz is fully trained music, play and creative therapist who truly gifted with handling our most precious little humans.

Finding an English Speaking Therapist

So, how does one go about finding and English speaking therapist?  Well, we have come across some great resources, directories if you will where you can narrow down the criteria you need.  For instance narrow down by location, language, in person, online and specific needs ie depression, anxiety, PTSD etc.

It’s Complicated

With the tag line ‘Life’s complicated.  Finding a therapist shouldn’t be’ It’s Complicated try to make the process as simple as possible.

How does it Work?

Life’s complicated is a directory and as such provides filters and search options ie

      • online vs in person
      • location
      • language
      • Also they have matching tool to match you with the right therapist

The therapist availability is provided and the ability to book online.

What does it Cost?

The cost is dependent on the therapist you choose.  Each therapist has a profile specifying their expertise and experience along with their rates.


An online platform only, Betterhelp matches you with the right therapist based on your needs.  With over 19,000 counselors with different qualifications and areas of expertise you are bound to find a therapist right for you!

How does it Work?

Unlike It’s Complicated there is no option to find in person therapy or choose the therapist from a directory.  To clarify, first you fill in an online questionnaire providing general information on your current mental health and circumstances.  Second, you creat an account and specify your therapist requirements ie. gender, religious views and LGBQT expertise.  Finally, fill in your payment details and bobs your uncle 🙂

Along with individual therapy there are the options for couples and teen therapy too.  Also, if you not happy with your therapist you can be asked to be matched with another.

What does it Cost?

60 per week (charged every 4 weeks) – includes unlimited text, video, audio messaging and a weekly live session.  Alternatively, if you are not in a position to pay there is an option to apply for financial aid.

Frankfurt English speaking therapists

If you are looking specifically for an English speaking therapist in Frankfurt then the Angloinfo directory may be helpful.  Unlike the above two resources this is more basic directory with basic information and contact information provided.

Consider Coaching

Also good to bare in mind is coaching particularly if you not sold on traditional therapy.  Weighing up therapy vs coaching is also good option, perhaps one is more suited to your circumstances than the other.  These days there are so many options out there transformational coaching, coaching with neuro specific focus and business coaching are to name just a few that are available.

To summarise, finding the right English speaking therapist may be challenging but it’s not impossible!  The world may have shrunk in terms of travel options but it exploded in terms of virtual therapy and coaching options available.  So, don’t suffer in silence find someone, talk to someone and lets not let the mental health pandemic unexpectedly sucker punch us in the face